A viable alternative to the PRS?

A viable alternative to the PRS?

19:45 PM, 27th November 2018, About 4 years ago 2

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If/when a viable alternative to the PRS exists landlords will be forced to reduce rents, sit on empty properties or sell up. Meanwhile, piling on more legislation only serves to discourage private investment, the consequences of which are felt most by the people who are not in a position to buy their own home, i.e. less rental property to choose from and more competition for those properties = higher rents.

When policies discourage quality operators, and even drive them out of the market, the quality of the available private rental housing stock reduces.

Criminal operators will continue to ignore new legislation, just as they ignore the existing legislation. Enforcement is what is needed, not new rules to hit the quality operators. The cost of compliance is always passed onto the consumer, in this case tenants.

Government, Shelter, Generation Rent etc. have got a lot of things wrong. If they don’t seriously backtrack their funding, in the case of Shelter and the like, will dry up. On a wider scale, the housing problem in the UK as a whole will continue to nosedive and there will come a point where even the very best Government spin doctors can no longer shift the blame.

In the case of Shelter, their problem is that they have lost sight of what it is they do best and the vision of their founders. Sadly, their own spin Doctors play perfectly into the hands of Government. A cynic might suggest that’s why tax-payers money helps to fund them, or that if the housing problem escalates the general public might donate even more to them.

More details here >>> https://www.property118.com/category/shelter/

Please discuss.

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Luke P

12:25 PM, 28th November 2018, About 4 years ago

I firmly believe taxpayers money (£17.9m annually, I think) that the Govt. hand to Shelter is consciously given to assist tenants in remaining in properties, often 'free' of charge (well, on the LL, anyway) to delay for as long as possible the inevitability of them becoming burden on the State and local authorities. They will get a LOT more than £17.9m's-worth of accommodation than they would by giving the money directly to tenants in the form of an increase in HB/Housing Element of UC.
Quite simply, it's a cheaper way for them to operate and squeeze a little more out of a broken system (at the LL's expense).

Jack Craven

14:01 PM, 28th November 2018, About 4 years ago

If the government/councils could only see sense and pay housing benefit directly to landlords of whatever type then shurely most of the problems would disappear it is not for tenants to do with as they please.

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