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Jack Craven

11:01 AM, 9th April 2021
About 2 days ago

Smart Meter Installation - thoughts please?

I had smart meters with British gas, I then changed to a company who promised lower bills, however I now have to read the meters myself ! so check before you change,... Read More

Jack Craven

15:20 PM, 18th March 2021
About 3 weeks ago

Shelter - Private renters are twice as likely to feel depressed

(63%) of calls answered by its emergency helpline in the last year were from people already homeless or at risk of homelessness.
It's not really surprising that the majority of callers are seeking help, isn't that what Shelter is there for ? and how many of these callers have brought the problem on themselves and nothing to do with the pandemic. Presumably the other 37% rang to say how well they were treat by their landlord. lol... Read More

Jack Craven

10:49 AM, 9th July 2020
About 9 months ago

NRLA welcomes Chancellor's support for Green improvements

How and when can we apply for this offer ?... Read More

Jack Craven

14:38 PM, 25th March 2020
About A year ago

Gas Safe - Advice and suspension of Safety inspections

Reply to the comment left by Jun at 24/03/2020 - 17:29
Why did you not show your landlords copy to the engineer ?... Read More

Jack Craven

10:47 AM, 24th March 2020
About A year ago

Ban on evictions for commercial tenants who miss rent payments

This is getting mental, its now good business sense to rent to dss as they have no problem with loss of income !... Read More