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Jack Craven

13:13 PM, 11th December 2019
About a month ago

ICO demand - is it a scam?

What about us sending tenants details to deposit protection companies, does that put us in breach of the law ?... Read More

Jack Craven

12:25 PM, 5th November 2019
About 3 months ago

As a Landlord in the General Election I intend to vote for:

I have never voted conservative as I was brought up labour, although as a landlord I have been leaning more towards conservative in recent years,I voted ukip in the last election and will vote brexit in the next one. My reason for this is that I want to leave the Eu. The thought of labour getting into power scares the s**t out of me so I wont be voting for them, I live in a strong conservative area but I won't vote for them either because of the way they are treating landlords so I am voting brexit even though I know the conservatives will win but I will feel better for it.... Read More

Jack Craven

16:31 PM, 9th August 2019
About 5 months ago

Should she stay or go?

Reply to the comment left by julie shepherd at 09/08/2019 - 16:04
I hope that Selter et al read this as it shows that most landlords are careing people and only take action when sh*t on.... Read More

Jack Craven

12:37 PM, 3rd May 2019
About 9 months ago

46 Landlord MPs claim more than £1.3m for rent or hotels!

Sorry Heather, I can't see the logic here. Now I am not defending the MPs by any means but if they lived in the houses themselves or sold the houses then all the tenants would be homeless.... Read More

Jack Craven

12:21 PM, 4th March 2019
About 11 months ago

Government to assist vulnerable with PRS deposits or first month's rent

1. I dont want to let to DSS tenants not for who or what they are but because the council is such a pain to deal with and I don't need the hassle.
2. Why does this article describe DSS tenants as vulnerable? A lot of them will be perfectly fine people who for one reason or another have fallen on hard times, and a lot of the rest are thieves and crooks just out to screw the system and us landlords, both types are not at all vulnerable.... Read More