Universal Credit tenants – This is why you can’t get a house any more

by Mick Roberts

9:10 AM, 2nd June 2020
About 11 months ago

Universal Credit tenants – This is why you can’t get a house any more

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Universal Credit tenants – This is why you can’t get a house any more

Universal credit UC Landlords and UC tenants, this is one reason why Landlords are refusing you.

The DWP has been found guilty of wrong-doings 2 years ago, apologise to me, say they won’t do it again, yet just this month they are doing EXACTLY the same thing.  We can solve the homeless. It’s easy. Work with Landlords. Exclude Landlord = problem: click here for landlordzone article “DWP apologises to landlord over service failures  but takes two years to investigate case”

This is what you have to look forward to when a tenant doesn’t pay. With the old system, you rang up, emailed your proof in, and got paid.
With this system, you cannot talk to anyone and you cannot email anyone.

There is a new online arrears system, but if something goes wrong, you cannot email a human being to tell them so. Please keep complaining, we have just got to keep humiliating them.

From DWP: Dear Mr Roberts,

I am writing in response to your complaint to the Independent Case Examiner and her reply to you dated 28 April 2020. I have considered the Independent Case Examiner’s findings and fully accept the errors identified in her report, regarding your complaint about the service you received from the Universal Credit team.

The report highlights the service failures which occurred when dealing with your correspondence. In particular, we provided contradictory information, failed to correctly deal with your complaints and delayed in implementing your request for an alternative payment arrangement regarding the housing costs for the above property.

It is clear after reading the report that you have not received the level of service you should expect from the UC team. Please accept our sincere apologies.

DWP take complaints very seriously and will use this experience to improve our service and ensure that similar failures are avoided in future.

Your complaint with the Independent Case Examiner is now closed and I trust that we have addressed your concerns. However, if for any reason you are not happy with the outcome of the investigation, paragraphs 39 and 40 of the Examiner’s report explain the options available to you.
Yours sincerely,
Complaint Review Manager

From Me: DWP admits to causing homeless & say Won’t do it again. But then does!

Dear ICE & UC Stage 2 complaints XXXXX, Complaint Review Manager,

I’ll copy in Frank Fields too & some influential people secretly.

Please find enclosed XXXX reply dated 4 May 2020.
Enclosed is XXXX XXXX letter dated 5.7.18 which EVERY SINGLE thing was incorrect & you’ve not mentioned this?

ICE, I haven’t received your report to this, nor have you contacted me before you closed your complaint. Why not?

Stage 2, you accept all errors.
You accept service failures.
You admit providing contradictory information.
You admit you failed to deal with complaint.
You admit you delayed the APA.
I told you all the above at the time. Why didn’t you listen?

You say you take complaint seriously. You don’t. Your letters a 5 year old girl with flowers on her T-shirt would reply more intelligently. How can you get stuff so wrong?

This was my first complaint sent to you over 2 years ago. I have another 350 to come to you over the next so many years.
I think ICE has got approximately 17 of mine. This can’t carry on. The mistakes you are making would ALL STOP IF YOU GAVE US EMAIL ACCESS. Millions saved in taxpayers money if you would just talk to us.

UC got 4 people in to meet me Feb 19, Tier 1 Complaints manager, UC service centre manager, JC manager & XXXX, UC area partnership manager. I gave example of one query that I’ve been underpaid EVERY MONTH for almost 4 years. You could never tell anyone there is a mistake. It’s now with ICE.

UC manager took query away. 1 day later she said Ooh system error Mick, I can pay you correctly now. 4 years I’d been waiting & she did it in 10 seconds. That’s the big problem, you can never tell anyone something wrong.

I say Look, don’t give me anything confidential if you want to hide behind data protection. Here is the name address. I am telling you something is wrong. Go away look at it & you may say Ooh yes he’s right, this is horrendous, we need to sort this. At the moment this is why so much homeless. So many are being kicked out cause UC won’t talk to Landlord. And Landlords no longer take UC any more.

Now Stage 2, you say: DWP take complaints very seriously and will use this experience to improve our service and ensure that similar failures are avoided in future.

You are doing EXACTLY THE SAME mistakes today 2 years later. So show me where you are improving & avoiding similar failures? Please show me now? Cause I can show you, you are doing SAME!

Ice, please send me your report & what we can do next.
I’m out of pocket. Not received the rent which quite easily could have been paid to me. Had XXXX I think his name was Complaint Manager had actually read my letter & not been to a party for the most unintelligent people on the planet the night before.
More importantly, ICE if you’re not taking this seriously, there may well be a point in the future where you get called in by some Govt committee.
What is the point in DWP having rules & legislation & regs if they aren’t going to work by them?

ICE, where is my missing rent?
Where is my compensation?
What is the point in you taking the complaint if nothing is done?
What is the point in the Govt Taxpayer funding you if you don’t get any recourse for tenant or Landlord or Taxpayer & you don’t get DWP to actually change their ways?
In fact ICE, what have you achieved here that a 10 year old boy in the playground couldn’t do?

I have none of my questions answered in the complaint I sent. NOT ONE!

I’m quickly looking at my letters to you & you haven’t mentioned all the managers that replied totally wrong.


Smithy @hotmail

11:15 AM, 6th June 2020
About 11 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Mick Roberts at 04/06/2020 - 08:48And I thought it was just me seeking Payment Remittances! I have contacted UC via my MP's office. The response from UC did not answer any of my questions.
I also applied (unsuccessfully) for Direct Payment from UC for another couple. UC have replied to me twice "Dear David Andrews". I am female and not called David Andrews. Who on earth is David Andrews?

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