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6:21 AM, 4th June 2018
About 4 months ago

Property insurance - Change of tenant circumstance?

Why does the risk change when my tenant becomes unemployed? Through absolutely no fault of his own.
(Buildings insurance not rent protection.)... Read More

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2:27 AM, 3rd June 2018
About 4 months ago

Property insurance - Change of tenant circumstance?

When you notify a change of tenant-type, there is a charge. So when my excellent tenant lost his job (manager at Toys-r-Us), not only did he become unemployed - so higher premium - but there would also be a charge for amending the policy. This is buildings insurance - not rent protection. The risk to the property itself did not change.

In the example quoted in the original post, the tenant became retired. I cannot see why that would make the risk to the property any greater than it was a year ago when he/she was under retirement age. I would have thought that older people are generally more careful - so the price should go down!... Read More

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10:58 AM, 18th February 2018
About 7 months ago

Cuddly Corbyn wants to give tenants the right to keep pets

Re: owning a snake. One of my tenants had a snake in a tank - he was remanded in custody for a week or so - electricity ran out and the heating in the tank stopped. The snake died. So did the tropical fish because the pump and heater in their tank stopped. Some time later he got a pet hamster for his daughter - she left her fluffy hat next to the cage and the hamster chewed it and choked.
Another (very nice) couple got a cat - they used to let it in and out of the front room (double glazed) window. It wasn't until after they had left (with return of full deposit) that I noticed that the seal along the bottom of the window had been shredded by the cat's claws - it is possible they hadn't even noticed.
Another tenant - an elderly lady - had her grandson living with her. He and a chum 'rescued' a couple of staffies - they took one each home. And in fairness, the dog has scars where it had been burnt with cigarettes. In due course, a mate of the grandson moved in temporarily - with an un-neutered staffie. So the next thing is we have a litter of staffies. Grandson kept one. The grandson has now moved out and my tenant (who is now 74) is stuck with two fully grown dogs. I have moved her to house with a larger garden, but the dogs are not exercised enough and are damaging the doors where they scratch. She also does not always know when they want to go into the garden so there are issues with dog wee. She has been with me for over 20 years and the dogs are genuinely nice animals (built like small tanks but very friendly) so I am reluctant to get rid of her or the dogs.
Needless to say, all my tenancy agreements say 'no pets'.... Read More

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2:21 AM, 3rd December 2017
About 10 months ago

M&S Food for Shelter

I volunteer at a local Winter Night Shelter. We provide a cooked dinner, a bed in a nice warm Church hall and breakfast for homeless men and women.
The local Co-op have chosen us as their nominated Charity and last week presented us with a cheque for £2,300 from the sale of their carrier bags. That really makes a difference as we run on a tight budget. Three cheers for the Co-op!... Read More

Smithy @hotmail

12:19 PM, 17th July 2017
About A year ago

Weakened government u-turns on digital tax return plans

Earlier in the year (when G Osborne was still in post) I was talking to someone who was in the Chancellor's advisory circle.

Two of his comments were "If you invest in real estate, pay the tax and suck it up" - regarding the additional SDLP.

Also regarding SDLP (but presumably also relating to Section 24) "the money is rolling in" (to the Treasury).

So no, I don't think they are listening, or are likely to listen to us unless it suits them.

ps: I also wrote to my MP. I expect that the letter I got back was exactly the same as yours.... Read More