There’s nothing that will stop Landlord Sales Agency from getting your property portfolios sold in just 19 days

There’s nothing that will stop Landlord Sales Agency from getting your property portfolios sold in just 19 days

13:36 PM, 27th May 2022, About 2 years ago

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Last year, because interest rates were so low and many landlords were incorporating, landlords weren’t thinking of selling. This year however tells a completely different story. Mortgages have shot up following high interest rates, leaving an innumerable amount of landlords with impossibly large bills.

The bottom line is: some landlords need to sell. As a landlord myself, I’ve also been living and breathing this, having had to personally downsize by selling 75 properties and keeping 20 for now, but even I am considering downsizing further as I sit and watch the very likely possibility that house prices might drop by the end of the year.

There’s no question: I want to sell fast and release equity fast so I can weather the storm.

It’s for precisely this reason that I set up Landlord Sales Agency because I knew exactly what to do to relieve landlords of their problems having done it for myself, and I was confident that I had the best strategy, with a phenomenal team of experts who deliver. The results speak for themselves; Landlord Sales Agency has steadily emerged as the best company to help landlords sell, not only getting the highest possible prices for portfolios, but also in the fastest time scales. And because my own personal mantra is that there’s no problem I can’t solve, that’s trickled down to a formula 1 style team of experts who all follow the ethos of getting your properties sold for you, fast, for the highest price no matter what.

Recently we sold a buy-to-let portfolio for a client who had 68 properties in Liverpool to one single buyer who bought the whole lot. However like with many landlords who come to us, the portfolio had its challenges. We did exactly what we promised, and rapidly solved every single issue including organizing 68 surveys on all those properties. In addition the landlord didn’t have gas certificates, nor did he have EPCs. Our builders on the ground delivered, getting these for him on every property at barely any cost. It’s these kinds of issues that solicitors need resolving for landlords to complete on sales, and we take all of them off your hands.

Another landlord recently gave us 14 properties all over the East Midlands and Southern England. For this client we sold all of these individually to different buyers from our private database of over 30,000 investors, who are buying single units throughout the UK, to get him the best price for the portfolio. All of these were tenanted, with issues, and we overcome every single issue to ensure we got him the best price, as fast as possible. When I say fast, I mean exactly that:

Our average time to sell a whole property portfolio in the last 12 months is just 19 days.

It doesn’t matter what the issue is, we’ve dealt with it all. Even coal mines, planning issues, and anything that might raise flags, we’re experts at overcoming all red herrings that could cause deals to fall out of bed.

Whatever you can think of, we know how to overcome. If like many landlords you haven’t put the rent up for 10 years and you’re worried that won’t help you sell – we deal with this too. We’ll help write letters and communicate with your tenants, letting them know that the rents might increase, or that you’re selling. If you’re concerned your tenants might worry, we also deal with that – even helping tenants relocate so that all tenants are looked after. We go that extra mile that no other company will go. With most tenanted properties with tenants in situ, we try to sell to investors who’ll keep the tenant on, and if they can’t, we’re more than happy to pay a fee to help them move where possible out of our own fees. We even offer the tenants a contribution to the rent for up to 6 months so that the new landlord can increase the rent slowly over a year allowing the tenant to gradually get used to the new rent prices. Nothing will stop us from selling your portfolio. We’ll get the job done.

Landlords with mixed portfolios also have no need to panic. Be it HMOs, leasehold flats, normal properties, or properties scattered across the country: we have buyers for all types of properties. As the CEO of Landlord Sales Agency, I have direct access to buyers with huge funds that I know personally, and to the biggest property buying companies out there.

What about rentbacks? If you have properties in your portfolio where you’ve bought a property for half price and you’re renting it back, this is not a problem either. There’s no need to worry about what to do with the tenants. In those circumstances again we send letters out and massage those relationships to stagger a rent increase slowly with the tenant so that they can manage the rent for the new owners. We also agree to assist with any repair issues.

We’re a company that does exactly what it says on the tin, and with myself at the helm, you’ll get the full force of my passion and drive to deliver in your corner.

I’m so confident I’ll be able to solve all your problems and get your property portfolios sold fast for the highest price, I’m also offering everyone who gets in touch a personal zoom call to discuss how we can best sell your portfolios and solve all your problems. It’s as easy as that. All you have to do is get in touch.

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