Theft of tenant’s money ?

by Readers Question

7:20 AM, 30th July 2014
About 6 years ago

Theft of tenant’s money ?

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Theft of tenant’s money ?

I just had an angry tenant phone to say that £40 hidden in her bedroom has been stolen today (Tuesday). I was in her flat today by agreement, as was our cleaner and our valuer. I was not with the cleaner and the valuer all the time.

I had told the tenant not to leave cash about (which she acknowledges) although that was just precautionary advice from me. she says it was hidden.

The reason for our cleaner attending is that the other joint tenant moved out and the replacement is moving in tomorrow.

The finger of the tenants suspicion falls on the cleaner, who has done a lot of work for us over the last 3 years or so and there has never been a problem before.

I have told the tenant to report the matter to the police and confirm the details to me by e-mail as she wants me to ‘investigate’. I have no reason to think that the tenant is making this up, although she could be mistaken.

Am I legally responsible for reimbursing the money, even though there is no hard evidence of the amount or the theft? I realise for good relations that may be a good idea, but that is not my question. I feel she is at least partly to blame.



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philip allen

14:03 PM, 2nd August 2014
About 6 years ago

Or maybe he'd just forgotten, Simon 🙂
Call the police and just tell the tenant you have done so.

Industry Observer

9:24 AM, 3rd August 2014
About 6 years ago

Where exactly was this money hidden - how easy or difficult to find?

Anyway I had this happen nearly 20 years ago for a claim of a lost purse with £300 in it. Told tenant contractors who had been there had worked for us for years with no incident, so go to the Police.

Next morning they rang to say found purse down back of settee - funny that, don't you think.

Tenant to go Police, you to ignore it

Neil Robb

11:54 AM, 3rd August 2014
About 6 years ago


I had a tenant a few months back steal my property move it to a flat across the road. She was seen doing this. She later phoned me in tears when I asked where my property was. She told me the flat had been broken into and it was all stolen.

After she had given her statement to the police stating all had been there a 7 pm when she went out that night. Some one kicked the door in.

Long story short we then produced the photos we had taken the day before showing the flat had been stripped but my fridge freezer was still there on the Saturday unplug and pulled away from the wall. Guess what it was not there on the Sunday.

As a result she is now being done for wasting police time faking a burglary. But I am having a time for the police to put any effort into prosecuting her for the theft of my possession's.

But I will persist and raise a compliant against the police for not doing there job.

I think this proves how far a tenant will go and the lies they will tell you.

You have had a cleaner who you have used for three years how do you think she will feel if you told her you thought she stole £40.00.

Why would she have went into the other tenants room.

The valuer would have had a reason to go into the room but as he is seen as a professional he is innocent ?

I would say you tenant is just trying it on and will not go to the police. I would strongly advise you do not pay her £40.00 Let her go to the police.

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