The Queen didn’t mention my Card

The Queen didn’t mention my Card

9:18 AM, 6th August 2019, About 3 years ago 1

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I did meet the Queen about four months ago, but she did not mention my Card. I guess I will have to wait until my hundredth birthday! Whilst I appreciate it was meant as a joke it does raise a most important point. Where are all the elderly people going to live?

We have an ageing population which needs to be housed. They have to live somewhere. What Boris needs is a Housing Tzar!

Not me thank you. The role of the Private Sector Landlord (PSL) needs to be applauded and celebrated. “It is the Dunkirk Little Boats” brigade. The average British Landlord has one house. Collectively they have an overwhelming effect on the Housing Rental Market.

The Government cannot cope without the PSL and where would housing be in 2019 without them?

Boris, after Brexit you need to focus on recruiting more PSLs and the way to do that is to restore the previous tax regime of Mortgage Relief at the Headline rate and bring down CGT to 10%. If you do that then you will reduce the number of people on the Council waiting lists.

Think Big Boris as I know you can and commit yourself to reducing Council waiting lists by recruiting more PSLs. Do not have a Blonde moment where Housing is concerned. You have started extremely well so keep it up.

You need 95% BTL mortgages for PSLs who guarantee not to resell within ten years! That is a definite proposal I am making to you.

Fergus Wilson


Whiteskifreak Surrey

11:43 AM, 6th August 2019, About 3 years ago

Call me a pessimist, but I have absolutely no hope Boris is going to even look at the PRS issues. If he survives (big IF) his priority will be to keep this country afloat. Small, unimportant but difficult matters will be left to their own course...

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