The best Landlord Portfolio Exit Specialist to sell your properties

The best Landlord Portfolio Exit Specialist to sell your properties

9:52 AM, 10th December 2021, About 3 years ago

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The current and planned legislation and tax implications are affecting landlords throughout the UK wanting to cash in and sell their properties. It’s why so many Property118 landlords are reaching out to Landlord Sales Agency to sell.

As a specialist company, we have mastered the most efficient ways to solve the problems landlords encounter selling rental property with the least cost and disruption. No matter whether it’s a rental property in need of refurbishments, a private let, an HMO or whether it’s a whole portfolio, Landlord Sales Agency are the industry leaders at helping you get the highest price with the least stress.

  • We’re faster than anyone else at selling buy-to-lets (7 – 28 days)
  • We’re the best at getting the highest price possible for your rentals and portfolios
  • We have a database of over 30,000 private buyers ready to buy no matter what the condition
  • We work to the most efficient covid guidelines to ensure that restrictions don’t hold up your sale
  • We’re owned by portfolio exit specialist and co-founder of the NAPB, David Coughlin, who ensures he’s personally involved in every case to make sure they deliver for you.

Why should I sell my portfolio now?

The market is high. Sky-high, but the window is closing, and we’re unlikely to get prices like this again for another 7 years.

Over the last decade, a huge proportion of landlords have been enjoying rental yields from portfolios and HMO’s they’ve built up over the years, but if the eviction bans, high taxes, and constantly changing regulations have taught us anything, it’s that we’re finally at the crossroads where we want to take a big cash sum and retire without the hassle of managing a large portfolio, letting agency or complex accounting.

We’ve been waiting for the right opportunity, well that time has come, and with just weeks to go until the end of the year, the time to take action is now.

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So if you’re looking to sell and cash in while the market is high, and before house prices drop again, there’s no better company to do it for you.

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