Thank you and Something for you!

Thank you and Something for you!

14:15 PM, 2nd February 2023, About A year ago

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We have a very special gift for you this Sunday, but you need to claim it now.

Over the last two weeks, Simon Zutshi has been sharing what he thinks is the best strategy for the 2023 falling property market.

Simon, is the only current UK property mentor, who was actually investing and teaching during the last property market crash in 2008, so he knows exactly how to successfully invest in a falling market.

Following his webinars about the best strategy for 2023, Simon launched his new six-module Purchase Lease Options Home Study Coaching programme, (PO 2.0) for which enrolment is now closed.

However, as a thank you for watching his videos, and joining his webinars, Simon is running a LIVE online Thank You Master Class, on which he is going to be sharing all of the content from the first module (of six) from his Purchase Lease Option Home Study Coaching programme at no cost, this Sunday at 5pm GMT.

In this LIVE virtual Master Class you will learn:

  • How to gain cash flow and equity growth from property you don’t own
  • Why you don’t need 25% deposits or mortgages to make money
  • What is a Purchase Lease Options and how can you profit from using them?
  • How to find potential Purchase Lease Options and what you should be looking for?
  • Why would a seller agree to a Purchase Lease Option and how to make it a win/win
  • What to do about the legal paperwork you need?

This LIVE training is going to be longer than the webinars that Simon normally runs, because he has got a solid 120 minutes of content to share with you, and he also wants to allow time afterwards to answer all of your questions.

Reserve your place now, before you miss out on this valuable training this Sunday.

Click here now to register for this live virtual Master Class with Simon

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