Tenant complaining of rats and that I can’t turn up?

Tenant complaining of rats and that I can’t turn up?

14:03 PM, 4th May 2019, About 3 years ago 11

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I have a question please. I have a tenant who is complaining to me about rats in the attic and wall. I’ve stopped by unannounced a few times to meet the contractors there and have knocked on her door to ask questions. She’s complaining that I don’t have a right to show up and knock unannounced. I’m not asking to enter, but just to ask questions.

I did however inform all the tenants that the contractors would be needing access over a two week period and at times it would be with short notice because of the fact that they don’t know when the rats are trapped and so they have to stop by from time to time to check the traps. Do I as a landlord have a right to step foot on my triplex building or do I always have to give notice even if I’m not looking for entry to the unit/s?

She also got upset, because I handed her 13 year old daughter her electric bill that came to me because she failed to transfer the electric in her name when she moved in. Her daughter was walking in as I was about to knock on the door. Was I wrong for asking the daughter to please give this to her mom?

Thank you for your help



by Rob Crawford

23:00 PM, 9th June 2019, About 3 years ago

Hi Vinny, "all the tenants". Is this an HMO let to tenants with individual AST agreements? If so you have a right of access to communal areas. I would always give notice of a visit just out of politeness but it's not required by law. If let under a single AST then you would need to serve 24 hrs notice. Why pop round if you can speak on the phone, unless of course you did expect to look in the loft etc!

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