Tell Licensing I’d like full refunds – I don’t want the houses any more!

Tell Licensing I’d like full refunds – I don’t want the houses any more!

11:28 AM, 12th November 2019, About 4 years ago 2

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Email to Dash accreditation list: Licensing is forcing tenants into homelessness.

Linda, Tell Licensing I’d like full refunds please, I don’t want the houses any more.

Tell em I’m in Mexico for a month. All houses running fine. Full access to builder’s. However now licensing is here there is a problem.

Housing Aid, can you start to go round all them houses now, and arrange alternative accommodation for them, because I don’t want the houses any more. I’m only keeping the houses for the tenants, they’ve managed fine for 22 years, now Licensing want some form filling in, there is a problem.

I also want Licensing to advise me about my Mental Health email I sent 3 months ago with no reply, cause I’ve had enough.

Also tell Licensing now they want the extra fee for them houses for ticking a DASH box, I want a full refund for them houses I’m now selling as I have no license nor will it be required.

I’ll ring you soon Linda. Uploading these to DASH. Is that the same process as sending in for EACH house, the EPC, the boiler certificate, insurance etc.? That LICENSING already have?

If so, it’s going to be also easier to sell, because by time I will get round to doing that, it will be about 16 month’s, about the same time Licensing has had so far with my money and not given my tenants the licenses yet.

I can make double if I sell the houses. I’m only keeping them for the tenants.

I’ve only managed to sell 3 in the last 18 months since Licensing, and they’ve been out the licensing area, only cause it’s those tenants who wished to leave.

If I’m selling, and I’m making money, how do you think the Landlord is feeling that’s on the breadline?

As ever Linda, you have bent over backwards to help me and the only Landlords that call DASH are those that get confused thinking you are an arm of the council. If you was in charge of Licensing, I can guarantee, the increase in homeless that Licensing caused would have been MUCH lower.


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Jessie Jones

21:46 PM, 16th November 2019, About 4 years ago

Mick, myown view is that Selective Licensing won't be around in it's current format for very long. In the first year they have 'issued' 4871 'draft licenses' and only 632 actual licenses. I think they were anticipating about 15,000 applications. So this suggests that they need to prosecute over 10,000 landlords for not applying for a licence. By not issuing the full licences they are missing out on about a third of the income. They have not rejected a single application on the basis of a landlord not being a fit and proper person.
Personally I will not be renewing my DASH accreditation as they intend to impose a renewal fee, and frankly the discount that DASH accreditation gives me on a Selective Licence; it just isn't worth the extra trouble. Easier to raise the rent to cover my costs. Admittedly, only one of my rentals falls within the scheme area, but I feel your pain as the application process is a bureaucratic nonsense.
Nor do I go to any landlording events now, as they have been hijacked by the Council for promoting their 'phone before you evict' schemes, or wanting to rent homes from us on the cheap to let to their own list of difficult tenants.

Manu Patel

19:29 PM, 17th November 2019, About 4 years ago

I have reduced my rental portfolio by 16. I now have less than half the properties left. With continuous harassment by the Government (cant claim all the interest on my loans etc), evictions taking too long, no way to recover outstanding rents etc it is just not worth having this aggravation!
The councils are not at all co operative with Landlords and people like us in any of their departments.
Cant disclose the full details of harassments as the Council Officials would retaliate!

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