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11:02 AM, 10th February 2021 | About 3 weeks ago

I am a landlord with a very modest portfolio built over 20 years. I decided to bite the bullet a few years ago and sought professional advice through Property118. Further to my comments here on 22 Feb 19 (page 9) I am delighted to say that everything is progressing to plan: the completion of an advised three year period of partnership ahead of full incorporation perhaps this week. The highlights are no capital gains or SDLT, a solid structure upon which to expand my business and some clever IHT bits to ensure I have planned for my family in the future. Furthermore, one of the greatest aspects of all is the ongoing ability to ask any number of daft questions of Mark Alexander and Mark Smith and tap into that vast wealth of expertise and experience! Through the process I have also expanded my network of vital support (accountants, brokers etc) which gives me the confidence to move forward in what is sometimes a lonely business. I have taken the plunge following redundancy and am doing property full time now; something I have always dreamt of but never really believed was possible (thank you Covid?!). I genuinely would not be doing this without Property118 and I will undoubtedly give a further update post incorporation.

Team J

11:35 AM, 10th February 2021 | About 3 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by H.R. at 10/02/2021 - 11:02

Dear H.R,

We have literally just completed the transition from non incorporated to incorporated, via the help and guidance of P118, without whose expertise we simply wouldn’t of been able to complete the process.
What I can say is we had a few sleepless nights over whether it was the right thing to do. We also asked all the daft questions which were fully answered in a simple format.

I really wonder today why we took so long to complete the process.

The freedom post incorporation to run things as a property business in the future was the main aspect for incorporation for us.

Good luck.

Tony Drake

18:41 PM, 2nd March 2021 | About 3 days ago

I would like to thank Mark Alexander and his team at Property 118 for all their help and advice with the recent incorporation of our property portfolio.

Mark Smith too, the Barrister that took care of the legal side of things.


We paid Property 118 for an initial tax consultation.

I can only do things ONE STEP at a time.

This initial consultation, was not only EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY ( especially when put into CONTEXT ) but it was a really SAFE first step.

I thought to myself, ' Even if I do not act on the RECOMMENDATION of Property 118, it can only be good to see what they're saying '

Before you can make any PROGRESS, you need to know where you are , not where you think you are.

Property 118 did not tell me what I wanted to hear.

They were beautifully straight forward and HONEST in their approach to helping me see exactly where I stood from a taxation point of view ( SECTION 24 is real )

Patiently, STEP BY STEP , ( I am slow to grasp things ) the best course of ACTION was explain.

It didn't stop there.

In the recent past, I'd had various solutions and different options explained to me as to how we could overcome the relentless and increasing BURDEN of SECTION 24.

But nothing happened.

I needed someone to make it happen, to put the solution into PRACTICE .

Property 118 were excellent in WORKING with our accountants in putting into PRACTICE a straight forward LOGICAL plan of ACTION.

Put simply, I cannot THANK The Property 118 Team enough for all their HELP and for the WEIGHT they've taken off my shoulders and the shoulders of the WHOLE FAMILY ( because it had started to effect the whole family )

Are you getting VALUE FOR MONEY ?

This very pertinent question was put to me by our Solicitor.

' The quality remains long after the price is forgotten ' ....... were the words of a famous British car manufacturer and are relevant.

Whilst it's on my mind to say, ' I wish I'd done it years ago ' .


SPEAK to Property 118.

SHARE the burden .

You'll be glad.

Thankyou again to Mark and all his team at property 118 and also , thankyou again to Mark Smith of Cotswold Barristers

Tony and Cath Drake

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