Taken to Court By Tenants?

Taken to Court By Tenants?

18:37 PM, 29th May 2014, About 9 years ago 1

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It has been suggested that I start a new discussion thread to share their experiences and anecdotes of landlords who have been taken to Court by tenants. Taken to Court By Tenants

Tenants who have taken their landlords to court are equally welcome to join in.

If you want to discuss another persons case, please do not name and shame unless you provide a link to reports in the mainstream media or actual Court notes.

It would be particularly useful to hear about landlords who have been prosecuted by tenants for:-

1) failing to protect a deposit – either at all or after the 30 day deadline

2) failing to serve prescribed information

3) breaching quiet enjoyment by entering a tenant property without consent

I appreciate that some people will not wish to openly name and shame themselves, especially if the verdict of the judge went against them.

That being the case, simply create a new member profile with a different email address under a psudonym (made up name).

Thanks in advance and I look forward to reading your tales 🙂

The purpose of this thread is so that we can all learn more about the effectiveness of the law and to become better landlords.

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John Gell

11:35 AM, 30th May 2014, About 9 years ago


Commenting as a letting agent rather than a landlord, we were summoned to appear before the Sheriff, in the days before statutory deposit protection, by a disgruntled former tenant who alleged that we had unjustifiably retained part of her deposit.

The retention was to defray costs incurred in cleaning the flat, and particularly the fridge, after her departure. She had disagreed, at check-out, that the standard of cleanliness was lacking compared to that at check-in.

Our evidence to the Sheriff consisted essentially of before and after photographs, the former showing a sparkling clean fridge interior and the latter evidencing food scraps and spillages within it. Also exhibited was the cleaning company's invoice.

Case dismissed and we emerged with a clean record.

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