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John Gell

9:48 AM, 15th January 2020, About 2 years ago

FOI request to Scottish courts shows eviction takes 312 days!

The First-tier Tribunal deals with a whole range of landlord/tenant disputes and other housing matters and not just cases arising from non-payment of rent. It would be good to get an understanding from the tribunal service of the cause(s) of delay (other than the statutory periods referred to in the article): Shortage of tribunal members? Infrequency of hearings?
Replacement of Sheriff Court procedures by references to the Tribunal were expected to bring speedier resolution and it will be important to understand why this isn't happening and consider measures to improve matters.... Read More

John Gell

12:56 PM, 23rd August 2016, About 5 years ago

Guaranteed rent agent not paying and laws broken!

If only all landlords would heed Sam's advice on choosing agents. This is exactly why all agents should be regulated and carry client money protection, as will soon be the case in Scotland.

Much is likely to depend on the content of the contract between you, Nilesh, and your agents, if you can trace them and they are solvent. But, as landlord and as owner of the property, I'm sorry to say that you are likely to be held responsible for their actions.... Read More

John Gell

12:40 PM, 21st July 2016, About 5 years ago

What are the implications of more of us becoming landlords?

I agree with Mandy that it is the ill-informed landlords who don't really understand what they need to be doing who give landlords in general a bad name. I'm constantly surprised to discover how many friends and contacts own a rented property or two, and it doesn't take much of a conversation with them to discover that they are blissfully unaware of what the law requires of them, how to secure reliable tenants and how to relate to their tenants in a way which will minimise problems.

What's happening in Scotland is interesting as a new tenancy regime is being introduced. I believe this has real potential to professionalise letting and marginalise poor practice.

Rather then re-run my rationale here, why not take a wee look at my blog on the subject - Read More

John Gell

16:52 PM, 10th February 2016, About 6 years ago

Clare Foges Anti-Landlord Letter in The Times

Many of our tenants are affluent professionals on short-term employment contracts or on transient career paths who absolutely have no wish to be property owners at this stage in their careers. They are in Inverness for a year or two or three and then their career path takes them elsewhere. They don't want to buy, but they do want, and can afford, well presented and well managed rented property.

If the suppliers of such properties (and most of our client landlords are working individuals who have invested in one or two properties) consider that the reduced returns resulting from the Chancellor's tinkering no longer justify the inputs and risk and so pull out, those homes are more likely to leave the renting market than to be acquired by other landlords. What then for those tenants? And this at a time when the Scottish Government is seeking to expand the private rented sector in recognition of acute housing shortage.

Flexibility of housing options is critical for labour mobility and, in turn, for a vibrant economy. Are the Chancellor, his advisors and Miss Foges so blinkered that they cannot see that? I can only assume so, or should I listen to the cynic in me who says it's all about votes and playing politics?... Read More

John Gell

11:55 AM, 9th February 2016, About 6 years ago

Clare Foges Anti-Landlord Letter in The Times

What a superbly written piece Gareth. Love it.... Read More