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Shawbrook Bank – Definitely not for “brand new customers only” Commercial Finance, Latest Articles

Shawbrook Bank are now offering a 0.25% discount on the margin or a 0.25% discount in the arrangement fee for clients who have already been party to a completed loan with them.

This makes a very refreshing change from lenders who have traditionally only chased new customers with deals showing they realise the value in repeat business and loyal customers.

Big advantages they have over many other less specialist commercial lenders is their desire to lend with far less onerous stress testing compared to high street banks, Interest Only for commercial and BTL property and lending directly to Limited companies. I have been told many times by our own preferred brokers that they driven by common sense not bureaucracy looking for ways of saying yes to clients and not the often received “computer says no” answer from many lenders.

Shawbrook Bank lend on single investment units, portfolios, multi-units, HMO’s and student lets. They lend to both individuals and Ltd Co’s and do not limit the amount of properties that the client can own or the business activities of the limited company.

However they are not able to offer any direct customer advice or sales, and only accept business from intermediary brokers registered to their panel.

Along with their residential investment products they offer interest only mortgages up to 75% LTV and have a range of Commercial Mortgages and short term loans.

Shawbrook commercial mortgages:

Cover both commercial investment properties and owner occupier trading businesses. Their products go up to 75% LTV and they also offer interest only loans which improves business Cash flow.

Short Term Finance

Shawbrook offer market leading rates on short term finance from 0.65% pm with no exit fees for between 6 and 18 months. This is ideal for auction purchases or a speedy purchase in order to secure a discount.

Short Term Light Refurbishment Finance

Shawbrook will lend up to 70% of the purchase price at 0.73% pm for between 3 and 12 months. This is suitable for clients looking to purchase, or refinance a residential or mixed use property quickly, undertake light refurbishment and then either sell on or hold for rental.

Medium Term Refurbishment Product

They will lend up to 70% of the after works value on an interest only basis. This product is for clients that are purchasing or refinancing property with the intention of completing minor refurbishment before letting the property out.

Obviously there are many other lenders that may be suitable in terms of criteria or lower costs and it this is not meant to be an advert to only use Shawbrook, but it is great to see a lender valuing its existing customers.

For assistance with any property finance requirements please, call us on 01603 489118 or email info@property118.com

If you would like to add your own requirements and search for the most popular available Buy to Let products please click hereShawbrook Bank

Buy to Let mortgage products and criteria – market update Buy to Let News, Latest Articles

After updating and writing the article on our Buy to Let mortgage sourcing system and calculator I thought I would give readers an update of what is still available and popular in the market.

You can find all these products on our system and get a quote (CLICK HERE), but many people ask me what has changed since they last took out a Buy to Let mortgage normally pre-credit crunch.

Loan to Value (LTV):

The industry standard maximum LTV is now 75% as opposed to 85% up to 2008.

You will find the cheapest rate products and and fees around the 60 – 65% LTV region with sub 3% short term rates or products with no arrangement fees and fees assisted such as Valuation and Legal cost.        Eg. 2.49% 2 year fixed with 2.5% fee

80% products will tend to have higher rates around the 5% point, with increased arrangement fees and stress testing to cover the perceived increase in risk compared to lower LTV products. A popular market provider of 80% LTV products is The Mortgage Works with rates starting from 4.14% 2 year fixed with a 2.5% arrangement fee to 5.29% with a £995 fee.

85% is still available with Kent Reliance but at a cost to rates fees and criteria – 4.99% 2 year fixed product fee 2.5% and reversion rate after initial term 6.58% SVR (ouch). Minimum property value £75,000 and £25,000 applicant earned income with proof.

Stress Testing:

How much you can borrow based on the rental income aka Stress Testing has actually changed very little over the years since 2008.  With reduced Loan to Values, lower property prices and increased rental income the amount you can borrow based on rent is not normally an issue unless the property is particularly poor yielding or the Loan to Value is high with a high stress testing.

The average stress testing figure is based around 5% notional rate and covering the interest by 125%. This in plain English equates to being able to borrow 192 times the monthly rental income. However at lower LTVs and interest rates this could be as much as 300 times or as little as 154 times for 80% products.


You can still borrow on Buy to Let mortgages for non standard properties such as HMO’s, new build flats, Multi-Unit, flats above none smelly or noisy commercial, however you have to be prepared depending on lender and the property for a lower LTV, higher interest rate and higher stress testing to cover the lenders perceived risk again.

Borrowing on Buy to Let mortgages in the name of a Limted company is still possible with Lenders such as Keystone, but it is preferred to be a Single purpose Vehicle rather than a Trading Ltd company and the options are vastly reduced. Therefore the tax advantages of purchasing using a Limited company can often be negated by difficulty and cost in finding finance.

Example Products:

Some other products not mentioned that I noted when updating the system as potentially stand out were:

3.99% 2 year Tracker Libor Tracker No Fee and Free Valuation 75% LTV

4.98% 5 year fixed £1,999 fee 80% LTV

3.49% Flexx variable mortgage for the term Fees £999 with no early repayment charge and free remortgage service and Valuation 65% LTV

4.74% Standard variable for the term No fees No early redemption penalty free valuation 65% LTV

2.99% 2 year fixed 2.5% fee 75% LTV

To Search for all the products on our own in house Buy to Let mortgage sourcing system and calculator please CLICK HERE

For any assistance you may need with a Buy to Let mortgage please email info@property118.com

Tel: 01603 489118Buy to Let Mortgage system


Our own Buy to Let Mortgage sourcing system and calculator Buy to Let News, Latest Articles

I have just finished updating all the products on our own in house Buy to Let Mortgage sourcing system and calculator. This takes quite a bit of time, but it is definitely worth it and I wanted share with readers what it can do as it is our own in house design specifically based around the needs of property investors.Buy to Let Mortgage sourcing system and calculator

The first Key inputs are:

  • The Value of the property or Purchase Price
  • The amount you want to borrow
  • The Rental income pcm

This will then work out if the rental income is enough for every lender and product on the system to agree a Buy to Let mortgage. This is called Stress Testing and is commonly worked out (but not always) by the rent covering the interest only mortgage payment by 125%.

It will also consider the amount you want to borrow against the value of the property as a percentage. This is called Loan to Value and some products or Lenders will vary from 50% LTV to 65%, 75%, some up to 80% and even one still at 85%

Another factor from these figures are the Lenders’ maximum and minimum loan amounts (most lenders will not lend below £25,000) and also minimum property values ( most lenders will not lend on a property below £40,000 and some higher).

Other key inputs are:

Income – many lenders have a minimum income level for applicants although this does not affect the loan amount as it is based on rent.

Preferred rate type Fixed or Variable – Do you want it to search for products where the interest rate will remain the same for the term of the product or are you happy to take the risk of a rate that may change up or down. The system will then only show results for the type you choose (although you can easily change your mind).

You will then get a list of results (see below) which will show:

  • A list of the available products based on your criteria
  • Interest Rate
  • Product term
  • reversion rates
  • Fees
  • Early redemption penalties
  • How the Stress testing is worked out ie the amount you can borrow for every £1 of rent pcm
  • If you could borrow more how much you can borrow as a maximum and get a quote based on that figure

Buy to Let mortgage search results

Then just click on the Get quote Link for the loan requested or the maximum possible loan.

You will then get an full illustration of the product you selected along with a financial summary showing:

  • The interest only Buy to Let mortgage costs per month
  • A table showing the Capital and Interest Buy to Let mortgage costs per month
  • The minimum amount the rental income would need to be for the loan requested
  • Yield (i.e. annual rental income expressed as a percentage of property value)
  • Rental Return on Equity Invested (net of mortgage costs)
  • The LTV (i.e. the loan expressed as a percentage of valuation) is

And much more see below:

Buy to Let mortgage Illustration

You can find The Buy to Let Mortgage sourcing system and calculator under our Finance tab see below or CLICK HERE to start your search

Buy to Let mortgage tab



Leeds Building Society BuytoLet rates cut by up to 0.7% Buy to Let News, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

Low Value Buy to Let mortgagesThe Leeds Building Society has cut its BuytoLet rates buy up to 0.7% on selected products whilst keeping low fixed fees and continuing to offer products at 80% Loan to Value.

Headline rates include:

3.29% 2 year discount followed by a 3 year discount at 4.99%. (This is based on the Leeds variable rate of 5.99% minus 2.7% for 2 years and minus 1% for the next 3 years) Reverting then to the Variable rate at 5.99% for the term of the loan.Maximum LTV 70%, Completion fee £800 and booking fee £199, Tapered early repayment charges of 4% year 1 and 3% year 2 only.

4.99% 2 year fixed 80% LTV until 31/08/2015 followed by 4.99% discounted until 31/08/2018 reverting to the variable rate at 5.99% for the term of the mortgage. Completion fee £800 and booking fee £199. Tapered early repayment charges until 31/08/2015

Kim Rebecchi, Leeds Building Society Sales and Marketing Director said: “We are very pleased to support landlords and with interest rates at a historic low, we believe it’s a good time to lock into a low fixed rate for greater certainty of cash flow.”

“Our 2 Year fixed rate buy to let deal has no higher lending charge, and allows 10% capital repayments each year without penalty.”

“Landlords are faced with a plethora of mortgage products and many lenders have chosen to introduce lower rates at the expense of higher product fee. I’m delighted to be making genuine reductions that support our customers – our fees remain unchanged.”

Standard Leeds Criteria:

  • Rental stress testing at 125% interest cover on 5.99% notional rate = You can borrow 160.26 times the monthly rental
  • Min Property value £50,000 or £85,000 with a London postcode and £70,000 in the South East
  • Maximum portfolio size regardless of Lender = 4
  • Minimum income for applicants of £20,000 per annum

To search for more of the most popular BuytoLet products and Lenders including how much you can borrow please feel free to use our BuytoLet Mortgage Calulator CLICK HERE

If you require assistance on a BuytoLet purchase or remortgage please email info@property118.com or call us on 01603 489118

Holiday Lets purchased using commercial finance on the increase Commercial Finance, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

holidayMembers of The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) have reported a steady increase in Holiday lets being purchased using commercial finance along with the number of lenders and products to support this business.

Investors and Lenders are being attracted by the higher potential income that can be generated by holiday lets in locations of strong demand, seeing this as a good income generator for investors and lowering the perceived risk to lenders’ security.

As reported recently by the Independent “the second home sector grew again last year. The rise means there are now over a quarter of a million homes across England that have been brought as holiday homes or lets.”

It is important to determine what the property is to be used for and to make the distinction between a Buy to Let (which will be let on assured short-hold tenancies) and a holiday let, which will allow the owner to use the property for holidays and to let out for short-term.

Lenders are now offering specific mortgage packages to support this growth in popularity of holiday lets, recognising the appetite of borrowers for second homes, and Brooklands commercial finance have sought out examples for us of some of the best deals and criteria currently on the market:

  • Rates from 3.65%
  • LTV’s up to 75% (100% with additional security)
  • Low arrangement fees (and free valuations in some instances)
  • Interest only available
  • Whole of mainland UK
  • Established and new holiday lets
  • Rental Stress testing at 120% of the mortgage payments
  • Minimum incomes required £20,000 for sole applicant and £30,000 for joint
  • Minimum property values £50,000
  • Maximum property values £500,000 or more with business case
  • First time investors are acceptable.

If you would like any assistance to finance a Holiday Let please email info@property118.com with your requirements and contact number and we will ask our preferred brokers Brooklands commercial finance (members of the NACFB) to assist.

Or call me on 01603 489118


Shawbrook Bank slash arrangement fees and rates Buy to Let News, Commercial Finance, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

Shawbrook Bank specialists in commercial and BTL finance have reduced their arrangement fees to 1.70% a saving of 0.80%, and their rates by up to 0.60% across their term product range.

Big advantages Shawbrook have over many other commercial lenders is their desire to lend with far less onerous stress testing compared to high street banks, Interest Only for commercial and BTL property and lending directly to Limited companies.

Malcolm Jones of Brooklands commercial finance said ” Shawbrook are specialists in good sense not using a tick box appraoch and allow me direct access to discuss cases with underwriters. This is invaluable when trying to get cases through for clients and they also have excellent turn around times.” Continue reading Shawbrook Bank slash arrangement fees and rates

FSA Mortgage Market Review and the PRS Buy to Let News, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News, Property118 News

The FSA Mortgage Market Review rules will come into effect on 26 April 2014 and I have listed the FSA’s own summary at the bottom of this article for the avoidance of factual doubt.

Will these new rules have a direct effect on Buy-to-Let?

Technically no, as Buy-to-Let is seen as a commercial loan and does not fall under FSA regulations (except where you plan to live in the property yourself in the future, or have a close family member live in the property). However what you often see with non-specialist BTL lenders is the standardisation of mortgage policy across both residential and BTL loans. Continue reading FSA Mortgage Market Review and the PRS

Godiva BuytoLet save £2499 on the same rate! Buy to Let News, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

Godiva BuytoLet, owned by the Coventry Building Society, have further tweaked their Flexible variable and Flexible fixed products by keeping the interest rate charged the same and removing the fixed arrangement fees.

This is a whole of term flexible BuytoLet product with no early repayment charge and no need to remortgage after a prescribed time thus saving remortgage costs as well as the £2499 arrangement fee. The other product is a Flexible fixed for 2 years with no early repayment charge and no arrangement fee saving £749. Details and Criteria below: Continue reading Godiva BuytoLet save £2499 on the same rate!

Development Finance void being filled by new lenders Commercial Finance, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

Many high street banks are still refusing to offer new or extended terms to development finance facilities and those that are still in the market are offering increasingly stricter terms with the introduction of exit fees, increased rates and an insistence that the loan is serviced on at least a quarterly basis. In extreme cases, some banks are demanding early loan redemption. This often leaves the borrower with a major headache in a market where commercial lending is restricted and competitive alternatives are not immediately apparent.

As a direct consequence, the void is being filled with dedicated development finance lenders and new entrants to the market. This is good news for borrowers as the competition starts to drive down rates and fees. Continue reading Development Finance void being filled by new lenders

Principality will consider Holiday Homes on BuyToLet Buy to Let News, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

The Principality Building Society will consider lending on holiday homes using their standard buy to let product range and criteria.

This little know niche which is unusually for lenders was brought to my attention by one of our consultants James Scoular after helping a Property118 reader secure an offer letter on her holiday home. Sure enough after investigation I found it hidden away in their three page mortgage lending criteria guide. Continue reading Principality will consider Holiday Homes on BuyToLet

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