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Having organised, promoted and presented several highly successful property events I’ve written this article for all those organisers of property workshops, training courses and networking events that take place throughout the UK every month.

I know how much hard work goes into promoting events and increasing attendee numbers time after time. I also know from experience that feedback from former attendees is vital. Most organisers request feedback and some use it for future marketing purposes. However, accessing your target audience and convincing prospective new attendees to commit their time and possibly their hard earned cash into your event requires very special skills. If you regularly organise property events please consider the following simple steps.

STEP ONE – Find somewhere to promote your events which attracts large numbers of your target audience. Property118.com sends millions of emails a year to UK private landlords and associated businesses week in week out.

STEP TWO – Create a free listing in our Property Services Directory for your property workshop, training course, event or networking meeting. Click here to create a free listing

STEP THREE – Share the listing via Facebook, Twitter, email and LinkedIn directory from your Directory listing profile.

STEP FOUR – Ask all previous attendees and future attendees of your networking event, workshop, training course or property event to leave a Testimonial on your profile. This will give prospective future attendees confidence when deciding whether it’s worth attending your future events. We can guarantee no defamatory Testimonials as this is not a reference site. There is no such thing as a negative Testimonial as you get the power to approve or discard any comments made before they are published. We have also built security into our system to minimise the risk of fake or multiple fake Testimonials being created.

STEP FIVE – Create a link from your website to your profile so that prospective new attendees can read independent Testimonials on a credible independent website. You could of course add a Testimonials section to your own website or even ask your clients to leave them there too.  However, this lacks independent credibility and exposure to the 300,000 people that receive the Property118.com eNewsletter every week.

STEP SIX – Consider upgrading your Directory listing to a Gold Business Member profile. This will cost you £300 a year but provides the following benefits:

  • 3,000 character description for your event within your profile
  • search engine optimisation
  • automated addition of a Google map showing the location of your event
  • status update to allow you to promote future events
  • Twitter feed
  • You Tube feed

STEP SEVEN – If you need to attract very large numbers of attendees please consider other advertising options by clicking here.  If you would like me to assist you with the marketing of large events or presenting at them I will happily consider profit share proposals.

Any questions or comments on this event marketing strategy?

I hope you have found this useful and please feel free to ask a question or leave a comment in the comments section below.

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