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Alternatives to Landlord Licencing Schemes Latest Articles, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

The alternatives to Landlord Licensing Schemes require joined up thinking, changes to data sharing protocols within local authorities and revised high level directives and strategies which must begin at Government level. 

Perhaps the first question to ask is what is Landlord Licensing all about? Is it really about raising standards or is it more to do with raising funds?Alternatives to Landlord Licencing Schemes


If society as a whole desires that people should not be subjected to sub standard housing conditions then society as a whole must pay to enforce this (howsoever that might be done) whether the money is raised at a local level or centrally.

It is both unacceptable and wholly undemocratic that landlords should be singled out by Government, Councils and Local Authorities to pay stealth taxes badged as licensing fees on the pretence that the money will be used to fund enforcement related initiatives.

Costs associated with licensing schemes imposed on landlords are funded through increased rents. Neither landlords nor tenants want this, particularly as there is clear evidence (demonstrated in this article) that landlord licensing schemes have proven not to be an effective solution to problems in the Private Rented Sector.

Recycling of Court awarded penalties

The high costs associated with prosecuting criminal landlords is borne by Local Authorities, however, fines and penalties go to the treasury. If these funds were to be redirected to the prosecuting authorities this would assist funding of additional prosecutions and create incentives to bring more criminal landlords to task. Continue reading Alternatives to Landlord Licencing Schemes

HMO Licensing Fees – Oxford Council Humiliated Buy to Let News, HMO's & Student Lets, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property Investment News, Property Market News, Property News

HMO Licensing FeesFurther to my rant about HMO Licensing Fees on 16th October one of my readers decided to submit a Freedom of Information request to Oxford Council based on the questions I raised and has forwarded the response to me.

As you may be aware, Oxford were one of the first Councils to implement both Article 4 planning and Selective Licensing. They now require all landlords to pay a fee to licence each property they own which is let to three or more tenants.

The response to the Freedom of Information Request from Oxford Council makes very interesting reading and I’ve copied it below for you. The questions are written in this colour, the Councils answers are written in this colour and my analysis (or should I say continued rant) is written in this colour – not that I’m seeing red or anything !!! Continue reading HMO Licensing Fees – Oxford Council Humiliated

I Will Not Say Sorry for Being a Good Landlord Guest Articles, Guest Columns, Lettings & Management

An article in the Telegraph last week really offended my sense of justice. I am well aware that only landlords can really understand our business but “well informed” people seem to have very short memories. I want to remind them about some recent history of why housing is now costing the public purse so much more, while I don’t hope to convince our critics that the PRS is a solution, rather than a problem, I will fight our corner with the facts. I hope that other landlords will be inspired to bring some balance to the discussion too. Continue reading I Will Not Say Sorry for Being a Good Landlord

HMO Landlords Warned to Put Their House in Order HMO's & Student Lets, Latest Articles

HMO Licensing Fees

"Landlords are being urged to check their HMO licences again"

Councillors have warned HMO landlords to put their house in order or face prosecution.

The warning was triggered as magistrates in Bath fined two local landlords for breaching HMO licensing conditions.

Richard Seccombe was ordered to pay £700 plus £15 victims surcharge and £100 costs for flouting fire safety in a rental property in Wells Road, Bath.

Kwok Ling Li pleaded guilty to two charges relating to lack of heating and insulation and another involving poor electrical installations at a shared house in Moorland Road, Bath. Continue reading HMO Landlords Warned to Put Their House in Order

Landlords upset over paying £315,000 HMO fees to council HMO's & Student Lets, Latest Articles, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Property behind a HMO sign

Disgruntled landlords have paid out £315,000 fees in a year to comply with a council’s new house in multiple occupation licensing scheme.

Cardiff City Council has billed the landlords for 824 licence applications in the Cathays neighbourhood, a favourite haunt for students at the city’s universities. Continue reading Landlords upset over paying £315,000 HMO fees to council

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