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Does anyone else use licence agreements? Latest Articles

I have a number of properties which I let as Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), and I used to offer residents a standard 6 month Assured Shorthold Tenancy of their room, but I found this etremely problematic if they turned out to be destructive, or a nuisance to other residents, or just refused to pay rent (or claim Housing Benefit).

I did a lot of research into the potential for using weekly ongoing licence agreements instead of tenancy agreements, and with a few tweaks of my business processes this is what I now use. This means I can give residents 28 days notice at any time (not have to wait for the end of a fixed term), and I retain the right to enter the property at any time (so much easier to manage the HMO, and nip problems in the bud rather than allow them to escalate). This can benefit the residents enormously, as well as reducing the risk for the landlord.

Do any other landlords on here use Licence Agreements instead of tenancy agreements for their HMOs?
Would anyone like to exchange tips, templates, etc, and discuss potential problems with this approach? Share good practice.

I would love to hear from other landlords that use these.

Regards Robertlicence agreements

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