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43% of tenants have pets – so where’s the protection for landlords? Insurance, Landlords Insurance, Latest Articles

Pet Damage Insurance

Just suppose that taking tenants with pets was an insurable risk!

Would pet owners pay for the policy?

I met with our insurance partners yesterday and discussed the dilemma’s that many landlords have over whether to accept tenants with pets or not.

We reckon that if demand is high enough we persuade a major insurer to create a policy which would pay for  damage caused by tenants pets directly to landlords.

A worthwhile policy probably wouldn’t be cheap, our best guess at this stage is around £180 a year , but if tenants were given the choice to pay for it (annually up-front of course) before taking on the tenancy ………. ???

By advertising that you are a pet friendly landlord the statistics suggest you could almost double the number of enquiries from renters next time you advertise your property. If your prospective tenants refuse to buy a policy then your decision on whether to rent to them would be much easier to make and to justify!

I am inviting landlords and tenants to post comments below this article and also to re-tweet my Tweets which can be found below the expression of interest form.

At this stage we are merely attempting to establish demand for such an insurance policy.  If you are a landlord and this is something you would be open minded enough to support “in principle” please complete the form below which doesn’t commit you to anything. To make it worth your while, we will arrange for our current insurance partners to call you to explain how we can GUARANTEE to reduce your landlords insurance premiums, but not until you are close to your next renewal date for obvious reasons.


New Property118 home insurance for your main residence Latest Articles

We worked hard to bring you a price guarantee on landlord insurance with our buying group, because that is our business and passion.  Now we have a fantastic offer for your own home insurance to save you money as well.

We have teamed up with The Property Insurer and Discount Insurance to bring you a price leading home insurance offer for your own home. To get a quote in minutes, all you have to do is call FREEPHONE 0800 6126984.

The reason you call is because you will almost always get a better price over the phone than on the Internet. The Internet is a broad brush and charges rates accordingly. By talking to an insurance broker they can understand your needs better.

The Property Insurer and Discount Insurance offer some of the hottest rates and best policies in the UK. Using UK underwriters you can rest assured the policy you buy will stand up when needed – and the price will be most competitive. They will always do their best to beat your existing or renewal price, just give them the chance and see how much money you can save.

Property118 Home Insurance FREEPHONE 0800 6126984. Home insurance

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