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Most Landlords Don’t Think of Themselves As Landlords landlord's log

“I only rent out one property”, “I use a letting agent”, “I’m a passive property investor”, “I do buy to let but I’m not a landlord”.

Why do people say these things?

If you own a property, even if it’s only one, and you collect rent from it, YOU are a landlord in the eyes of the law, whatever you may think, whether you use a letting agent or not. Continue reading Most Landlords Don’t Think of Themselves As Landlords

Oxford Landlord Fined Over Gas Safety Buy to Let News, Cautionary Tales, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

A landlord in Oxford has been fined £2,000 and over £2,000 in costs after repeatedly failing to obtain a gas safety certificate.

One of landlord William Edwards’ properties in Didcot was reported to the local Health and Safety Executive for being without the required gas certificate, and upon visiting seven months later it was found to have a broken boiler. Mr Edwards had been informed of the broken boiler but had failed to replace it. Continue reading Oxford Landlord Fined Over Gas Safety

HSE Warning to Landlords Cautionary Tales, HMO's & Student Lets, Landlord Law, Latest Articles

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have issued a warning to landlords, saying they will prosecute those “who fail in their duty of care to tenants” after a Walsall landlord was sentenced.

Khalid Hussain was fined £2,000 and ordered to pay £3,000 in costs after he failed to replace a boiler that had broken down in January until October, and had only just obtained a gas safety licence for his appliances despite being issued with an Improvement Notice back in March. The Notice required Mr Hussain to get a licence by 6th of May. Continue reading HSE Warning to Landlords

NALS – “No Agent Loves Sarcasm” Guest Columns, Lettings & Management

Why does the general public have such a poor perception of agents?

Is it because they are often image-conscious, relatively young, and not recognisably qualified?
Anyone who has tried to buy, sell, rent, or let a property in the UK has a negative story to tell about an Estate or Letting Agent, and with minimal levels of regulation, few barriers to entry, and a lack of a tangible product, it is easy to see why. Continue reading NALS – “No Agent Loves Sarcasm”

HMO Landlord Pays £12,000 for Ignoring Fire Safety Cautionary Tales, HMO's & Student Lets, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

A landlord was fined £12,000 for failing to provide a fire alarm and electricity supply in a shared house he let to tenants.

Sikander Hayat admitted seven safety offences in breach of house in multiple occupation regulations at Banbury Magistrates Court.

In addition to the fines, he was ordered to pay £300 costs.

Councillor Debbie Pickford, of Cherwell District Council, which brought the prosecution, said: “Mr Hayat left tenants without proper fire detection in an unsafe house.

“He knew what was required and we are pleased that the court shared our view of the seriousness of the offences. Safe standards must be maintained and we shall continue to take action to make sure they are.”

“The council is committed to dealing with unsatisfactory housing. We work with landlords whenever we can and the majority of our enforcement work is achieved informally. Where we find serious breaches of the law, or in cases where landlords or managers repeatedly fail to do what the law requires, as in this case, we will take them to court.

Tenants lived in fear of faulty gas boiler

Another buy to let landlord in Huddersfield left his tenant at risk by ignoring warnings to check gas appliances in the property.

A tenant and her daughter were left with a faulty boiler and an unsafe gas fire during the winter.
Eventually, Kirklees Council carried out the safety work for the tenant.

Anthony Brownson, was contacted several times between May 2010 and March 2011 by health and safety officers.

Leeds Magistrates Court heard he ignored their requests to produce a gas safety certificate for the home. He also failed to respond to improvement notice and failed to turn up to an interview.

Brownson pleaded guilty to breaking gas safety regulations and failing to comply with an improvement notice. He was fined £3,000 and ordered to pay £2,089 costs.

Buy to let landlord pays £1,400 for failing to check gas safety Latest Articles

A landlord who failed to safety check and look after gas appliances in a buy to let house rented to a tenant has to pay £1,400 fines and costs.

Property investor Michael Smith was reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) by his tenant for failing to provide a valid gas safety certificate. Continue reading Buy to let landlord pays £1,400 for failing to check gas safety

Lettings watchdog wants more bite to deal with complaints Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

Landlords and tenants make about 50 complaints a month about letting agents to The Property Ombudsman (TPO), according to the latest figures issued by the industry watchdog.

The ombudsman has record 484 complaints to the end of September – with six out of 10 found against letting agents (57%) and 22% decided in their favour. Continue reading Lettings watchdog wants more bite to deal with complaints

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