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UK Property Research Tool
What you need to know and where to find the information

This Property Research Tool is for the benefit of all property buyers, landlords, tenants, owner occupiers and professional advisers associated with property.

Thanks to business sponsors and Property118 Members for their incredibly generous donations making the development of this Property Research Tool.

Property Research generally begins online

Far too many people fall into the trap of not doing proper online research, they see a property they fall in love with or meet a sales person they trust and the deal is done. For those of us who have learned our lessons the hard way, it still takes a long time to wade though websites to complete thourogh due diligence. The really annoying part for me was finding each website individually and then having to enter the same postcode into each one over and over again to find the right pages. For these reasons I wanted to have a system built as a convenient Aide-mémoire (check-list) for every internet user to be able to use and to provide access to to the websites containing vital information with the minimum number of clicks. Property Research Tool

Essentially the Property Research to is a pop up page, called a modal, which consolidates key information used by landlords and other property purchasers to assess properties. Any website can incorporate this technology free of charge. The functionality works best with Google Chrome and Safari internet browsers.

The only data input for users is the Post Code of the area. The key benefit is the ability to access all information required to complete desktop due diligence without having to remember visit multiple websites, thus saving considerable time and effort. The information is called from several websites which provide insight into the location being searched.

Enough of me trying to explain what it is, why not see for yourself?

If you run a website yourself why not write a review and grab the embed code to install the Property Research Tool functionality on your own website? We even have a widget which creates a “call to action” button (like the one below) which you can size to your requirements.

Want to learn even more?

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Landlords Buy to Let Property Investment Strategy

Are freeholders obliged to insure against escape of water? Insurance, Landlords Insurance, Landlords Stories, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management, Property Maintenance, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

I am a leaseholder in a large block of flats built in 2007.

After two flats were severely damaged by water escaping through pipes our insurance had the excess for escape of water increased to £20,000. Year by year this was reduced to £12,000. However, last year the insurance company said this was an error and they would not include escape of water in our policy. Hence we now do not have any cover for escape of water.

My questions are: Are freeholders obliged to insure against escape of water

  1. Does the freeholder have to provide such cover?
  2. Can insurance companies opt out like this or is it like subsidence that the existing company has to cover you?
  3. Is this a usual scenario? That is do blocks of flats often not have such cover?

Any advice or help would be most gratefully received.

I should mention that this escape of water was due to poor building by the developers and not the usual flooded bathroom. Hence the insurers probably consider the building as a whole a risk.

Black spot mould in cellar Latest Articles, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

This is a new one on me, tenant rang me today, with the floods a few weeks ago, her cellar flooded. Black spot mould in cellar

She says black mould all growing up walls.

I’m going to look next week, but my quick enquiries tell me clean off with bleach and get de-humidifier.

I know a bit about ‘normal’ mould in ‘normal’ ground and first floor in houses, but nothing about cellars.

I’m not keen on the idea of calling in a specialist who will charge me hundreds of pounds at this stage. If anyone has previously successfully tackled this please let me know.

Also if I have to get a de-humidifier, where should I go to get one that don’t cost a fortune?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mick Roberts

Letting Industry Pays Tribute to Northwood MD Nick Cooper Latest Articles, Lettings & Management, Property News, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Tributes from across the lettings industry have been flooding in following the death of Northwood Managing Director, Nick Cooper, who peacefully passed away on Thursday 22 August. Nick, aged 50, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer nearly two years ago. He sadly leaves behind a wife and two children. Nick Cooper - MD of Northwood Letting Agents

Nick’s career in the lettings industry spanned three decades, during which time he spent nearly 10 years on the Board of Directors at leading private lettings agency, Northwood. He also played a pivotal role in the wider industry, working tirelessly to improve professional standards and champion consumer protection through his position as Chairman of the SAFEagent Steering Group. His commitment to the industry is further evidenced by the seats he held on the TDS Forum and NALS group.

Gemma Goodson, Finance Director at Northwood said: “This is desperately sad news for everyone that knew Nick. He was an incredibly special person who was liked and respected in equal measure by all. Words like ‘inspirational’ are used all too readily nowadays, but in Nick’s case, there will never be a more fitting tribute. Nick was a great mentor, colleague and friend. He was passionate about the lettings industry and raising standards, which meant a great deal to him and we are proud of the legacy he leaves behind. Our thoughts are with his family at this time”.

Andy Goodson, Northwood’s Chairman simply said “There are no words that can describe the loss, Nick was not only Northwood’s MD but also my best friend, life will never be quite the same without him but I’m eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to know not only him, but also his wonderful family whom my thoughts are with”

NALS Chief Executive, Isobel Thomson said: “I am deeply saddened to learn of the death of Nick Cooper. He was a man of wit and warmth whose contribution to the sector will be sorely missed. It was a privilege to have worked with him. My thoughts are with his family and his colleagues at Northwood”.

John Midgley, SAFEagent Chair, said: “Nick’s passion for improving standards in the private rented sector is epitomised by his leadership and guidance in the early days of the SAFEagent campaign. He was one of the industry’s true gentlemen. His energy and sense of humour will be missed by us all and our condolences must go to his family and those close to him”.

Funeral arrangements will be announced shortly but we anticipate it to be Thursday 29th August. Northwood is creating a special ‘Book of Memories’ for his family to treasure in years to come. As such, the company is inviting those who knew him, and who were touched by his warmth and humour, to supply any anecdotes they would like to share. Please send to melissawilliams@northwooduk.com

Guarantee for natural void periods? Latest Articles, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

I’m sure I’ve heard a radio advert recently from a letting agent that was offering a type of rent guarantee, not sure if was insurance backed or not. And I can’t remember the name of the agent, so I can’t check on their website. Guarantee for natural void periods

Has anyone come across this? I’m sure it said that even if the property was vacant (I assumed it to be mean ‘between tenants’ not just in a fire/flood/deserter situation) you’d still be paid your rent.

Does this exist in the market?


Kirsty McGregor

Landlords Insurance – don’t get penalised if you are a good risk Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

Why is landlords insurance for Working/Professional HMO’s, Student lets and tenants claiming benefits so much more expensive?

In a word – RISK

However, as it transpires, it is possible to insure any rental property in the UK for a premium of £1.10 per £1,000 of cover plus Insurance Premium Tax providing there is a decent claims history and the property is structurally sounds and not in a flood plain area. That’s around 50% of standard pricing for these types of properties!

For landlords insuring a portfolio of three or more properties and a mix of risks (i.e. some standard houses and working tenants too) the premium can be reduced by a further 10 pence per thousands of buildings insurance through commission sacrifice by the broker. This is because the administrative costs are lower when spread across multiple properties insured by the same owner.

I was given the heads up on this by a couple of Property118 Members and felt compelled to follow this up.

Not only does it check out well but the cover also includes the following:-

  • Malicious damage caused by tenants
  • Landlords liability insurance
  • £5,000 of contents insurance as standard

It doesn’t cover any criminal damage as a result of properties being used as cannabis factories but most insurance companies don’t offer that cover anyway. There are several articles written here to help you reduce that risk too so please search cannabis factory in the top right search bar for more information on how to protect yourself.

The broker offering this scheme has agreed to make a generous donation to The GOOD Landlords Campaign if we test them out.

They are not our regular recommended insurers for our Landlords Buying Group at this stage but we do keep our options open and it will be interesting to see what feedback we get from readers we refer to them.

If you would like further information please complete the contact form below.Landlords insurance

Make an enquiry for more details

To find out more and to register your interest please complete and submit the form below.
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 1000.

Student buy-to-let investment property review HMO's & Student Lets, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property Investment News, Property News, Property Sales & Sourcing, Property Sourcing

Student buy-to-let investment property reviewIs there a solid grounding behind the hype surrounding student buy to let investment property?

The positive market fundamentals of the student property market, as quoted by Knight Frank, point out that student property investment was the best performing property investment in 2012 and that rental income is increasing by five per cent (5%) per annum. These are, however, macro fundamentals that are covering the whole sector.

How can a property investor make a good investment?

What are the items one could look out for to safeguard ones investment? Continue reading Student buy-to-let investment property review

The mis-selling of IRHP – interest rate hedging products Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

Bully BanksThe space for advice in the mis-selling of Interest Rate Hedging Products (IRHP’s) is becoming increasingly busy. A quick Google search of ‘IRHP’ is enough to start your head spinning.

Also known as IRSA’s, (Interest Rate Swap Agreements) these were financial products sold by banks to provide protection to businesses from interest rate increases.

Bully-Banks was created to co-ordinate complaints by the owners of small and medium sized business against the conduct of Banks when mis-selling Interest Rate Swap Agreements (“IRSAs”).

The reality is that case law is yet to set a precedent for a mis-sold IRHP and every case is different. It is reported that many cases started on don’t actually reach court; they are simply settled with a gagging order on the court steps. Bad PR is a thing to avoid for banks.

Continue reading The mis-selling of IRHP – interest rate hedging products

There is more than one type of Inventory Guest Articles, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

Inventory of InventoriesThere is more than one type of Inventory, in fact, there are three main types, property inventories, insurance/home inventories (very big in USA) and business inventories that track materials and stock.

I want to discuss only one type here, which can be used for a secondary purpose.

It is an inventory of a property to be rented, which can also be used as an insurance inventory in certain cases. Continue reading There is more than one type of Inventory

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