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Shawbrook Bank – Definitely not for “brand new customers only” Commercial Finance, Latest Articles

Shawbrook Bank are now offering a 0.25% discount on the margin or a 0.25% discount in the arrangement fee for clients who have already been party to a completed loan with them.

This makes a very refreshing change from lenders who have traditionally only chased new customers with deals showing they realise the value in repeat business and loyal customers.

Big advantages they have over many other less specialist commercial lenders is their desire to lend with far less onerous stress testing compared to high street banks, Interest Only for commercial and BTL property and lending directly to Limited companies. I have been told many times by our own preferred brokers that they driven by common sense not bureaucracy looking for ways of saying yes to clients and not the often received “computer says no” answer from many lenders.

Shawbrook Bank lend on single investment units, portfolios, multi-units, HMO’s and student lets. They lend to both individuals and Ltd Co’s and do not limit the amount of properties that the client can own or the business activities of the limited company.

However they are not able to offer any direct customer advice or sales, and only accept business from intermediary brokers registered to their panel.

Along with their residential investment products they offer interest only mortgages up to 75% LTV and have a range of Commercial Mortgages and short term loans.

Shawbrook commercial mortgages:

Cover both commercial investment properties and owner occupier trading businesses. Their products go up to 75% LTV and they also offer interest only loans which improves business Cash flow.

Short Term Finance

Shawbrook offer market leading rates on short term finance from 0.65% pm with no exit fees for between 6 and 18 months. This is ideal for auction purchases or a speedy purchase in order to secure a discount.

Short Term Light Refurbishment Finance

Shawbrook will lend up to 70% of the purchase price at 0.73% pm for between 3 and 12 months. This is suitable for clients looking to purchase, or refinance a residential or mixed use property quickly, undertake light refurbishment and then either sell on or hold for rental.

Medium Term Refurbishment Product

They will lend up to 70% of the after works value on an interest only basis. This product is for clients that are purchasing or refinancing property with the intention of completing minor refurbishment before letting the property out.

Obviously there are many other lenders that may be suitable in terms of criteria or lower costs and it this is not meant to be an advert to only use Shawbrook, but it is great to see a lender valuing its existing customers.

For assistance with any property finance requirements please, call us on 01603 489118 or email info@property118.com

If you would like to add your own requirements and search for the most popular available Buy to Let products please click hereShawbrook Bank

Don’t bash the banks Commercial Finance, Financial Advice, Latest Articles, Property Development, Property Investment Strategies

Is Property Finance Available? This is the first of a series of articles looking at the availability of finance and how to access it in today’s market by Malcolm Jones and Cliff Verrill of Brooklands Commercial Finance.

Lenders have come in for a lot of criticism, some of it deservedly so. However, in realigning their strategies so that they don’t repeat earlier mistakes, they are undergoing a difficult balancing act. On the one hand they have learnt lessons in respect of riskier lending propositions and have rightly curbed activities in these areas and some have pulled out of them altogether. On the other hand, the regulators have imposed stricter controls on bank activities. While the government is saying that banks must lend more, the Basel III accord requires banks to hold more capital to support their lending activities. It also introduced new regulatory requirements on bank liquidity and bank leverage. As a consequence, there are fewer funds to lend as the banks manage their balance sheets to conform to the new regulation. Continue reading Don’t bash the banks

Banks not renewing commercial loans Commercial Finance, Financial Advice, Latest Articles, Property Investment News, Property Investment Strategies

We are witnessing a significant rise in the incidence of some banks refusal to offer new or extended terms to commercial loan facilities. In extreme cases, some banks are demanding early loan redemption. This often leaves the borrower with a major headache in a market where commercial lending is restricted and competitive alternatives are not immediately apparent.

There is no doubt that some banks are ‘shoring up’ their liquidity positions by not lending as broadly as they have done in the past. However, some lenders are very much in the market and the skill is to source those lenders who have an appetite to lend. It is key to present a proposition in a robust manner and, importantly, directing the proposal to the underwriters making the decisions, rather than the local manager who probably has no discretion in these matters. Continue reading Banks not renewing commercial loans

EU ready to regulate buy to let mortgages Buy to Let News, Latest Articles, Mortgage News, Property Market News

Weight scales

EU could be set regulate buy to let mortgages

The Council of Mortgage Lenders is not commenting on news that a major battle over regulating buy to let mortgages with European policymakers is lost.

Reports suggest lobbying by the CML and Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (AMI) has failed and a new European Directive on Credit Agreements Relating to Residential Property will include buy to let finance. Continue reading EU ready to regulate buy to let mortgages

New buy to let lender hits the market Buy to Let News, Latest Articles, Mortgage News

Independent commercial finance and bridging specialist Crystal Mortgages has launched a new range of buy to let products for landlords.

The portfolio of loans offers a number of purchase, capital-raising and remortgage products with loan-to-values of up to 75% of the property price.

Interest rates starts at Bank of England base rate (0.5%) plus 1.99%. Continue reading New buy to let lender hits the market

Using pensions for sale and rent back of commercial property Commercial Finance, Financial Advice, Latest Articles, Property Investment Strategies

In this video I interview IFA Jason Howard about how property investors and business owners can combine their pension schemes to acquire commercial property and to release cash tied up in their businesses premises for alternative investment or cashflow purposes.

Continue reading Using pensions for sale and rent back of commercial property

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