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Ben Reeve-Lewis has a possession question for district judges Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

Are district judges staging an unspoken rebellion in possession cases?

This article is largely based on possession claims brought by social landlords but I ask you, the PRS landlord reader, to think about the import of what this might mean for possible future repossessions in an environment where I just read today, the amount of homeless families in B&B accommodation has risen 50% this year. Continue reading Ben Reeve-Lewis has a possession question for district judges

DSS Tenants and Pets Considered “subject to guarantees” Buy to Let News, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management, Property Investment Strategies, Property News

If you want to get your phone ringing off the hook next time you advertise a property to let just add the words “DSS Tenants and Pets Considered subject to guarantees.”

In this readers letter yesterday several landlords shared their horror and dare I say naivety of the law in some of the comments they left. Continue reading DSS Tenants and Pets Considered “subject to guarantees”

Guru crash! UK property scams discussed Buy to Let News, Cautionary Tales, Landlord News, Landlords Stories, Latest Articles, Personal Development & Motivation, Property Investment News, Property News

UK Property ScamsWhen it comes to deciding where & how to invest, one of the most vital things a novice investor can do is to become an expert on due diligence and research … not just of potential property deals, but also of people and companies offering portfolio building services, joint ventures, mentoring and deal sourcing.

The property investment world has a seedy & un-regulated under-belly patrolled by wealth creation gurus.   Many novice investors fall prey to their charms and promises of easy riches. Continue reading Guru crash! UK property scams discussed

£85,000 ‘missing’ as letting agent traded fraudulently Cautionary Tales, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

Fraud investigators uncovered a ‘missing’ £85,000 from a failed letting agent that ran into financial problems after the supervising franchise closed.

Peter Swatton, 55, admitted fraudulent trading at Mold Crown Court, where he was jailed for 36 weeks suspended for two years, ordered to spend 300 hours on community work and to pay £600 costs. Continue reading £85,000 ‘missing’ as letting agent traded fraudulently

So you think you know what really caused the Credit Crunch? Financial Advice, Guest Columns, Property Investment Strategies

Well think again, but before I tell you what really caused the credit crunch, I must first explain why I wrote this article.

Recently after reading several books on property investment, each offering up their own reasons for what caused the credit crunch/ property crash it was clear that the real reason was being missed. Contributing factors just like a runny nose and a sore throat are just symptoms of a cold; they are not the actual cause. Continue reading So you think you know what really caused the Credit Crunch?

Most Landlords Don’t Think of Themselves As Landlords landlord's log

“I only rent out one property”, “I use a letting agent”, “I’m a passive property investor”, “I do buy to let but I’m not a landlord”.

Why do people say these things?

If you own a property, even if it’s only one, and you collect rent from it, YOU are a landlord in the eyes of the law, whatever you may think, whether you use a letting agent or not. Continue reading Most Landlords Don’t Think of Themselves As Landlords

Buy to Let Property Club Fraudsters Scammed £1 million Buy to Let News, Cautionary Tales, Latest Articles

Buy to let property club fraudsters who raised more than £1 million from selling shoddy properties at inflated prices have picked up jail sentences.

The con-men ran three property firms in the North West and scammed investors into parting with their cash on false promises of guaranteed rental incomes on below market value homes. The three men involved were sentenced at Manchester Crown Court. Continue reading Buy to Let Property Club Fraudsters Scammed £1 million

The Property Boom of 2012 landlord's log, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Landlord’s Log, the Personal Blog Of Mark Alexander, the Founder of Property118

** I was so shocked when I received this commentary last weekend that it has taken me until now to decide to post it. The following was sent to me as an email by a person who prefers to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. The commenter has not responded to my numerous emails. Is this a joke? I have decided to share it with you because; frankly I was flabbergasted and wanted to see what you have to say. I’ve decided to give this poster a name and a picture and in a strange sort of way I hope he will be back to entertain us all again with his responses to your comments. The name I’ve given to him (at least I think it’s a him) is “The Banker”. The following is what he had to say …

The Banker

I knew that title would catch your attention.

One mans misfortune is another mans opportunity, mine!

You and your highly leveraged buy to let pals are all like lemmings heading towards a cliff, oblivious of your fate.

Well here I am, to warn you of your fate.

I’m not the only one hoping that the next boom will in fact be an implosion in terms property values, you call it a property crash, it will be the making of the likes of me. The chaps on that House Price Crash forum are doing me a big favour by talking up the next crash. Continue reading The Property Boom of 2012

How to Reference Tenants Latest Articles

Ideally landlords want a long-term tenant who treats the property as if it is their own, and this is where it is beneficial to use letting agents , that are experienced in finding good tenants ( in Nottingham in my case) and who can carry out the relevant checks for you. If you want to do it yourself, then the key to success lies in taking your time to carry out thorough checks, and resisting the temptation to cut corners. Continue reading How to Reference Tenants

How Sell and Rent Back Links Britain’s Most Wanted Man Buy to Let News, Latest Articles

Glen Ackroyd photoRecently, one of the properties managed by our portfolio management company, National Property Group, was subject to a legal challenge against the landlord.

Since selling the property, the original vendor had subsequently been made bankrupt, and the Trustee acting on behalf of the creditors was demanding the difference between the below market value sale price and the market value, from the Landlord. Continue reading How Sell and Rent Back Links Britain’s Most Wanted Man

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