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I run a small property development business in the Reading, Wokingham and South Oxon and Bucks areas.

The company organises planning applications on small sites of up to 4 flats or houses, then secures the financing, oversees the design and specification, and commissions and project-manages sub-contractors to do the actual construction. I also undertake whole-house property renovations and act as landlord when I rent out existing detached houses on sites where I am assembling additional land or sorting out access and planning issues. 

My tenancies are usually graduate houseshares/HMOs as I find these give a more reliable income stream than renting to a family.  I Am A Property Developer - Ask Me Anything

I moved into property development from being a BTL landlord as I felt the returns would be better – perhaps not the wisest of careers moves in 2007!

I am inviting Property118 contributors to “ask me anything” as regards small-scale property development if they are considering this as an additional aspect or future evolution of their rental business.

I don’t claim to be able to answer everything as property development is a very wide-ranging field and can be highly specific as regards local valuations and planning rules, but I will endeavour to help.

Interest Rate Swap Claims – Ask Me Anything Ask Me Anything, Latest Articles

Have you have been sold Interest Rate Swap Agreement “IRSA” or other forms of Interest Rate Hedging Products “IRHP’s” by your bank?

Daniel Fallows - claims advice on mis-sold Interest Rate Swaps and other Interest rate Hedging Products IRHP's

If you have lost out or continue to lose out financially you may well be in a position to to make a “no-win no-fee” claim for compensation.

My name is Daniel Fallows, I’m a corporate lawyer at Seneca Banking Consultants and I invite you to “Ask Me Anything” relating to the mis-selling of interest rate swap agreements “IRSA’s” and other interest rate hedging products “IRHP’s”. Continue reading Interest Rate Swap Claims – Ask Me Anything

I am a landlord – Ask Me Anything! Promotion, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Hello all, I am a new member of the Inventory Clerks and Energy Assessors Linkedin Group so I thought I should write an article to introduce myself. Thank you Laura for allowing me to become a member by the way. I have been a landlord since 1989, therefore I am a potential customer to many of you. I am also a non-exec Director of two letting agencies. When I retired from corporate life in 2009 at the ripe of age of 41 I very quickly got bored and started blogging to share best practice amongst my fellow landlords and letting agents. My website (Property118) became an official Google Publisher and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Nearly 200,000 UK landlords and letting agents, just like me, now subscribe to my Newsletters and Google News feed.

I will be delighted to answer any questions you have here and I also have a networking opportunity to share with you. Don’t worry, it’s a freebie with my compliments so put your cheque books and credit cards away! My website is my hobby 🙂

Very few Inventory Clerks and Energy Assessors engage with landlords and letting agents on my forum which I find quite shocking. I’d like to change that by inviting members of your group to become a member of Property118 with my compliments. It’s entirely up to you whether you choose to network with Property118 members and how salesy you want to make your member profile. All I ask is that on discussion threads you stick to information only please. Your comments will link back to your profile so if readers want to know your website address, your phone number or your special deal of the month it will be because they can see that you know your stuff and will visit your member profile to find out how to contact you to talk business.

See you on the other side, and of course back here if you would like to ask me any questions 🙂

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DSS Tenants – does this video say it all? Ask Me Anything, Latest Articles, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

I am a landlord specialising in renting to DSS Tenants – ask me anything 🙂


You may remember the video’s I shared with you back in June and November? Well this is what the place I video’d in November looks like now, just three weeks later …

My original video’s from June and November are below.

Some people think I’m must be crazy to accept benefits tenants. Well maybe I am but it works for me and I have dozens of very happy tenants and a waiting list as long as your arm for my properties. I have no voids and never need to advertise. In short, this video does not tell the full story but I am happy to to tell you mine if you care to ask 🙂

Looking forward to reading and responding to your comments.

DSS Tenants - This video says it all

Ask me anything – I am a …. Ask Me Anything, Latest Articles, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords


Property118.com is recently created a new group of forums called “Ask Me Anything”

These forums are hosted exclusively by Property118 Members who are experienced and qualified experts in a particular field relating to property.

By way of examples, the forums might be called ….. Continue reading Ask me anything – I am a ….

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