Speedy writs of possession

Speedy writs of possession

10:22 AM, 22nd February 2018, About 6 years ago

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Here at the Sheriffs Office we have been pleasantly surprised at the speedy turnaround of writs of possession over the past few months. This can be a huge advantage to landlords for whom receiving rental income is important, and to whom rogue tenants have caused undue stress and financial hardship. It can mean that within 2 weeks of instruction they can take vacant possession of their property.

We are presently seeing writs of possession turned around within 48 hours if the correct paperwork has been provided and we have ensured that the correct wording and supporting evidence has also been submitted.

County Court Bailiffs

County Court Bailiff timescales which currently look like this:

  • Claim to order 11.5 weeks
  • Claim to warrant 38.1 weeks
  • Claim to possession 41.5 weeks

This can obviously have a huge impact on landlords, therefore the speedy timescales offered by the High Court route can save them both time and money.

At The Sheriffs Office we can be the hands on experts ensuring that you have everything to proceed successfully and obtain vacant possession of your property in the quickest way possible.

Correct paperwork

It is important that the landlord requests leave to transfer to the High Court from the Court from the outset – this will save the further application cost and reduce further delay in obtaining the writ.

Upon instruction our team will review the required paperwork needed to issue a writ of possession. If there are any issues with the paperwork we will go back to the client for amendment immediately.

Common issues might include names and addresses and dates being correct and any statements given being factual in nature where possible supported by evidence. We can ensure that we have experts who are skilled in checking the paperwork

What happens next?

A Notice of Possession will be sent to the defendants providing 7 days’ notice. On expiry of that notice, possession will take place.

From beginning to end we estimate that we can help you obtain vacant possession of your property within 2 weeks if there are no delays.

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