Something To SHOW Your MP

Something To SHOW Your MP

11:35 AM, 24th July 2016, About 7 years ago 1

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When we try to explain to our MP’s the consequences of the section 24 restrictions on finance cost relief for individual landlords ONLY their eyes soon glaze over. Axe-the-Tenant-Tax-696x398

It’s not easy for the best of us to understand, let alone explain!

That’s why the video below is so important.

Arrange a meeting with your MP, it is very easy to do, and then play this video on your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

This link explains how to CONTACT YOUR MP

Don’t assume your MP will watch the video just because you email a link. To be frank, you have more chance of winning the lottery!

When you get your meeting just say, “please watch this short video, it will explain why I am here far more eloquently than I can.”

After your MP has watched the video say “Please don’t bother writing to The Treasury, I have already seen every single one of the standard letter template responses on our campaign website. I just wanted you to have a better understanding of this so that you are better informed when housing is next discussed in the House of Commons. Would you like me to email you a link to this video so that you can share it with other MP’s?” ….. and then you can simply leave it at that. If you choose to explain what you are doing about the tax changes, e.g. increasing rents, selling up, moving abroad etc. that’s fine too but remember you will only be allocated 15 to 20 minutes.

If you have already visited your MP that’s great. Go again using the above strategy. The more times your MP hears about this the better.

Don’t leave it to somebody else. In fact, encourage others to talk to your MP too.



Mandy Thomson

10:58 AM, 26th July 2016, About 7 years ago

Or better still try and get accounts from others of the impact this will have in your area, and then take it to your MP. Join Streetlife and put up a post (make sure you make it clear that you're concerned about the local impact or the moderators will delete it), use FB etc.

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