Solution for Scottish Landlords who are facing new dilemmas amid this week’s rent freeze

Solution for Scottish Landlords who are facing new dilemmas amid this week’s rent freeze

9:15 AM, 7th September 2022, About 2 years ago

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Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced a rent freeze for private and public rented properties with a moratorium on evictions during winter. It comes at a time when landlords were already thinking of getting out of the buy-to-let sector. A week ago the Financial Times reported that “many buy-to-let investors plan to sell all or part of their portfolios.” There’s no doubt that this is the final straw.

The plan, which is meant to protect tenants has left landlords shocked, and with many on the fence about whether or not they should sell their portfolios, it appears that the new measures have confirmed their decision: it’s time to sell. By the time these measures are lifted, if they’re lifted, in March next year, the price you’ll get for your buy-to-let properties will have dropped.

Landlords need an expert solution and a company who really understands what Scottish landlords need right now: a quick exit for the highest possible price.

There’s going to be a rush to sell, and what we want to avoid is taking the hit on selling our portfolios for 70% of the market value because we think that a quick sale company is the solution. What you need is a specialist who can get you as close to full market value as possible but at the same fast timescales. There are only 3 months until Christmas. Scottish landlords need to act now.

Landlord Sales Agency are experts in selling buy-to-let properties and know exactly what to do to help you. We’ve assisted hundreds of Scottish landlords exit the market, fast, for the prices they need to make it worth it. There’s a reason we’re featured so frequently on Property118:

  • We have a database of 30,000 buyers and B2B funds ready to buy split or whole portfolios no matter what condition or tenant situation
  • We are proactive throughout the sale and completion. Any legal, tenant, structural problems we’ll sort out meaning sellers can sit back and relax
  • An impressive 95% of agreed sales complete because we secure buyers with deposits and solve problems
  • We provide realistic valuations and expectations our sellers can trust. We do exactly what we’ll say we do: “no sale = no fee.”
  • Rather than the 70% market value that many landlords are being forced to settle on to get out before things get worse, we’ve created a company especially for helping landlords exit and cash in, meaning our focus is 100% on getting landlords what they need. We sell in less than 28 days (and often in less than a week) for 85% – 95% market value.

We’re trusted experts, and we know exactly what Scottish landlords need right now. It’s why so many Property118 landlords have already sold through us in the last month, and why so many more are reaching out, especially after this week’s news.

If you’re a Scottish landlord who is looking to exit the market while you can still get the highest price for your properties, contact us today.

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