Selling a share of my Buy to Let property?

by Readers Question

14:40 PM, 20th March 2017
About 4 years ago

Selling a share of my Buy to Let property?

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Selling a share of my Buy to Let property?

I am thinking of selling a share in my Buy to Let house as there seem to be some obvious benefits e.g. CGT reduction, resident who will look after the property, freeing up cash etc. I’d be grateful for any advice or opinions at all!

The property is free of mortgage and I’m thinking I could sell a share of it perhaps gradually reducing my share over time. This mitigates initial CGT compared to selling outright in one go. It also helps people to buy and  in theory  they are more likely to look after the property.

For example I have had an unprompted query asking if I might let initially with a view to selling to the tenant later. It’s just an idea.  No doubt there will be  complications and I certainly have no experience, hence my question.

Many thanks


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Neil Patterson

14:55 PM, 20th March 2017
About 4 years ago

Hi Nav,

If you sold a share of the property to the tenant they would cease to be tenants and instead become owners.

This would then necessitate a much more complicated contract similar to Housing Association shared ownership, which I am not familiar with on a detail basis.

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