Selective Licensing in Leeds at £825 per property!

by Readers Question

15:52 PM, 7th August 2018
About 2 years ago

Selective Licensing in Leeds at £825 per property!

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Selective Licensing in Leeds at £825 per property!

I have just heard about proposals for selective licensing in parts of Beeston and Harehills in Leeds.

I am quite shocked as 12 of my 15 properties fall within the proposed area in Beeston. At £825 per property this would cost me £9,900.

There is a consultation Click Here

Have any other Leeds landlords heard about this?

Have landlords in other areas found that these schemes always go ahead after the consultation period?



We are currently holding a consultation to gather feedback about making certain areas in Beeston and Harehills Selective Licensing areas. We have not yet made any decision about this. To shape our decision, you can take part in our consultation which is open until 31 October.

Locations being considered for Selective Licensing

We are considering parts of Beeston and Harehills as potential areas for Selective Licensing.

What happens next?

Once the consultation is finished, we will gather the feedback and look at the available evidence before making a decision on whether to go ahead or not. No decision will be taken before then. If approved, it is likely that any Selective Licensing scheme would start in Autumn 2019.
Selective Licence fees

The proposed licence would cost £825 per property. If you are a member of the Leeds Rental Standard then you would receive a discount of £150 on your application.
Landlords who let a property without having a licence would be committing an offence, and could face an unlimited fine or a civil penalty of up to £30,000.”

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Richard Harrison

18:26 PM, 10th August 2018
About 2 years ago

The licences are not transferable if you sell the property. The new owner would have to pay the full amount for a new licence (and no refund to the original owner). Does this mean that you couldn't sell a property with a tenant in situ? Would the council allow a new owner to apply for the licence after purchase or get the licence approved before completion of the sale? Otherwise all tenants would have to be evicted before a sale could complete. I was thinking I may want to sell some properties if the scheme goes ahead. There wouldn't be much time to complete a purchase once the scheme is announced and before it is implemented (assuming there will be any landlord buyers).

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