Section 21 Summit Success

by Larry Sweeney

9:51 AM, 4th June 2019
About 4 months ago

Section 21 Summit Success

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Section 21 Summit Success

Following Theresa May’s announcement that she would abolish Section 21, the Alliance announced that it would hold an emergency summit in Manchester and invited other Landlord representative bodies. Following discussions with the RLA, we agreed to cancel our summit and attend a summit in London chaired by Lord Lytton.

We have achieved what never has been achieved previously.

With our immediate response calling for a united front, we now have a statement signed by Landlord bodies nationwide demanding wholesale reforms to ensure that the possession process is fair.

The Fair coalition summit has stood up and said ‘enough is enough’ rather than rolling over as happened in the Section 24 mortgage interest relief restrictions situation. Eminent London Property Solicitor, Ian Narbeth represented the Alliance at the talks and all our red lines have been kept.

No removal of Section 21 without reform of Section 8.

We have called for comprehensive judicial reform and furthermore no removal of Section 21 without the new regime running alongside the old, to ensure that it is fit for purpose. The courts and possession procedures at present are not fit for purpose. The entire system is skewed against Landlords and that is blatantly unfair.

In the space of a couple of months we have achieved two victories.  Local authorities have been forced to accept that their application process for licences is flawed and we have landlord bodies working together to present a united front.

We will call out politicians and Shelter who seek to cause division by demonising a particular section of society. The majority of tenants are decent hard working people like ourselves. A minority of tenants are delinquents who engage in Anti-Social Behaviour and default on rent. However, Shelter and certain politicians cynically exploit the fact that there are also a minority of bad landlords.

For a housing charity to attack the PRS while actually housing nobody is beyond the pale. Having said that, I wish to thank Shelter for their deluded attacks on us and Section 21. Yes thanks to Shelter we recruited even more members Thanks to Shelter attempting to get Section 21 abolished, we now have a coalition.

Landlords please help us to help you. Join the Alliance now.

Click here to join 

There is so much yet to be done and it’s thanks to those who have already joined, that we have made so much progress.

We offered an olive branch to Shelter. We offered to talk to Shelter. We tried to get Shelter to assist us housing benefit tenants, all to no avail.
We now intend to organise a new coalition and call for this organisation to be disbanded.

Our progress in a matter of months has been astounding. Thank you very much to our members who have taken up the baton on behalf of all landlords Nationwide.

Thanks to Neil and Mark at Property118 and thank you to all of our partners in the Fair coalition summit.


Rob Crawford

23:46 PM, 12th June 2019
About 3 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Annie Landlord at 12/06/2019 - 18:06Annie, seriously why the constant barrage of criticism against Larry and his efforts? (No need to answer!). Seems you are becoming a bit of a troll on a mission to do no more than undermine him! Your better than this, if it's not your cup of tea just leave it and go to the next article where I am sure you can contribute in a more positive way.


14:08 PM, 14th June 2019
About 3 months ago

Annie Landlord, well your last post was really juvenile and wholly unwarranted on a public forum such as this.

Messages like this should never get passed a moderator.

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