Section 21 review and application for a judgement in default?

Section 21 review and application for a judgement in default?

8:46 AM, 27th November 2020, About 3 years ago 1

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Hello all,  I’ve got an upcoming section 21 review very soon. The time limits for defence have elapsed so at what point can I apply for a judgement in default?

The reason for this question is that as far as I’ve understood it the review is for the judge to make sure all paperwork is in order before directions to a hearing is made, but what’s the point in a hearing for section 21 if all paperwork is in order and no defence pleaded.

Now if at the review all the paperwork is all ok and there is no defence, is it then treated as an accelerated claim? (paper-based decision for the judge)

Or it goes to a hearing regardless, which would mean having to wait another 6 odd weeks for the date?

Which is why I’m thinking of applying for judgement in default as soon as the paperwork is okayed by the judge.

Many thanks


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Ian Simpson

7:32 AM, 29th November 2020, About 3 years ago

Hi Manni

Good luck with this. If you have a decent solicitor they should be able to advise. It is my experience that the courts spin everything out as long as possible. A new strategy is this totally unneeded "Review Hearing" post Covid, before the real hearing can get going. We had complied with everything, but had a (quite stern) communique that if all documents were not in place by 30 Nov (tomorrow!) the case would be "Struck Out" - the documents required had already been submitted four times, so we just pressed COPY and SEND , to send them a fifth time. Any old excuse and the courts will chuck your case out. There is definitely a Left-Wing hidden agenda here.
I was also told to ask my tenant if she was in receipt of benefits, which I thought was an invasion of privacy and GDPR, but apparantly not! Anyway, a one-word email from her ... No! was all that was needed...!
Sigh - A years' unpaid rent, after the "Covid Christmas" which all these scumbags have enjoyed. Hopefully it will start coming to an end soon, but I have my doubts. The woke-Left running the courts will hatch another scheme soon to make sure we landlords keep funding free accomodation for the sick, the lame, and the lazy.

Good luck with your case. Remember: An uncrossed t, or a non-dotted i will be punished with another rent-free year for your tenant!!

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