Scale down a Property Portfolio and release equity the tax smart way

Scale down a Property Portfolio and release equity the tax smart way

15:12 PM, 3rd December 2021, About 3 years ago

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It’s a fact that more and more landlords over the age of 50 are choosing to sell or scale down their portfolios. either to retire or to change investment strategy to a less ‘hands on’ option, and it’s easy to understand why.

The growth we’ve seen in property values over recent months has finally stalled and is unlikely to be repeated for another 7 years. That, coupled with rising inflation and the prospect of a capital gains overhaul in the not too distant future, all leads to one obvious conclusion: now is an excellent time to make the move to downsize your property portfolios and release equity before house prices begin to drop.

What is the best way to exit some or all of your portfolio? Who are the best people to help you scale down a property portfolio in a way that gets you the most money for your assets?

As the CEO of Landlord Sales Agency, and with over 20 years of experience being a private landlord myself, there are several ways to go about it to get you the biggest bang for your buck:

  • Save time and sell multiple properties at once to raise cash quickly with fewer legal costs
  • Sell properties individually for the best price per property
  • Sell properties with tenants in situ for the least disruption to your rental income
  • Provide tenant payment history with the legal pack to appeal to investor buyers
  • Offer a choice of vacant possession to appeal to private buyers
  • Work with tenants not around them to avoid disputes and potentially long delays
  • Secure offers before completion to ensure commitment to the sale ASAP
  • Know what taxes apply (or speak to someone who does)
  • Select an estate agent with appropriate experience and expert knowledge
  • Select an estate agent that is proactive throughout the sale until completion

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to take on this list yourself. You need a company that can do it all for you.

 That’s where my team of experts and I at Landlord Sales Agency come in. We know exactly what it takes to power through the list and take it all off your hands. Tenant issues, avoiding refurb costs, and even tax bills, we’ll do all the work, so you don’t have to.

We also know how to do it fast, selling portfolios like yours in just 7 to 28 days for the best price. It doesn’t matter what condition the properties are in, we’ve got an extensive list of 30,000 private buyers ready to take them off your hands, and our auction-style bidding war, coupled with clever marketing to the best local agents, means we get you the prices you want, unlike traditional auctions who’ll get you far less.

We’ve personally got over the line 2,500 properties doing exactly what we say we’ll do, and our incredible testimonials speak for themselves. Not only that, but unlike other companies, I’m here to personally ensure that we deliver for you.

We’ve all been thinking about it, now’s the time to take action. So contact us today, we’re here to help take the stress away and get your properties sold because the time to sell is now.

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