Revenge Eviction or was the landlord right?

by Mark Alexander

8:17 AM, 31st October 2014
About 6 years ago

Revenge Eviction or was the landlord right?

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Revenge Eviction or was the landlord right?

Please take a close look at this picture in Shelter’s latest propaganda (below).

Have a look at the walls and the blinds!

Would you live like this?

Clearly this mother has very little self respect and hasn’t touched any cleaning products for years.

Was the property like this when she moved in? If so why did she move in?

Even if that’s all she can afford, and it was in that state on day one, surely she would want to clean it up for the health of her child if nothing else?

These are the pictures that are being shown to our MP’s to influence licensing. If we want to stop the likes of Shelter from getting away with this ludicrous propaganda then landlords need to be asking the right questions so that people take a step back and think before they dig deep into their pockets to pay more.

For the record, if I found one of my tenants was living in these conditions I would evict, and probably report the mother to social services too. Now if that deserves the tag of “revenge eviction” I plead guilty.

Revenge Eviction

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Jamie M

20:19 PM, 13th February 2017
About 4 years ago

Complaining to anyone is a waste of time.
We pay money to the RLA, NLA and other bodies that profess to represent us! mmmm
I think they fall well short of that and don't fight for us, it's too easy to collect a guaranteed salary and wear a suit and talk crap than run a difficult business where everyone you deal with is most likely the enemy and is encouraged to take you to court for the most trivial infraction just so they can get money.
These people and bodies only change through consequences, pain, embarrassment and censure by their electorates.
When the population can see that landlords do a good job and provide a good service and that shelter and the government are, through their actions, making renting much more expensive and difficult, then they will demand change.

We need just a good as campaign that is anti the bad tenant and pro landlords and one that highlights the crap propaganda used against us by shelter, the press and the government.
We need to highlight their inadequacies and show their shortcomings and the hypocrisy that exists. Tenants are the losers of section 24 as I will have to increase rents to pay the government for profits I haven't had as we all will.

Perhaps we need a series of get-togethers to plan a congruent movement to defend what is right, proportionate, honest, and truly misunderstood, otherwise the rape of the landlord's is going to get much worse. The agencies that proport to represent us are toothless and useless Squeak!!

Mandy Thomson

8:54 AM, 14th February 2017
About 4 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Jamie Moodie" at "13/02/2017 - 20:19":

OK - so you want something from someone - let's say you need to negotiate with your tenant over an important issue that he's being difficult about. How would you approach the tenant? With insults, threats etc? No? Why not, if this is such an effective means of communication and an effective negotiation tool?

Moreover, what impression would people in general have of such a landlord? Would this approach make others think, "poor landlord, he's obviously very distressed and at the end of his tether to be acting like that" - very unlikely; more like the opposite!

It's exactly the same when negotiating with members of the government, MPs, the media and the public in general. Abusing people and ad hominem attacks will only serve to polarize those we seek to influence. Let landlord detractors sink to that level - it will go against them as reasonable people will see them for what they really are; we as professional landlords need to rise above this and stick to facts and robust but respectful argument.

Landlord bodies and even individual members of government and MPs are not unsympathetic to landlords, and indeed several of these people are working VERY HARD behind the scenes, taking a DIPLOMATIC approach to influence policy makers - I've seen this from the inside and I KNOW this is happening, but for obvious reasons it can't be made public.

Unfortunately, anti landlord sentiment is so deeply entrenched in the public mind that I believe policies such as clause 24 will have to be run for a time, if only to demonstrate how wrong these measures are. Then and only then will the tide of public opinion turn in landlords' favour.

Jamie M

9:19 AM, 14th February 2017
About 4 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Mandy Thomson" at "14/02/2017 - 08:54":

As a general rule you are correct in approach, we all know that Mandy, we all have numerous tenants we get on with et al.
This behind the scenes rubbish isn't working and I've been in this so long I have no faith and things are getting worse progressively. You keep on believing but I've lost all faith as they have NO SKIN IN THE GAME.
Govt and all associated won't make decisions they can be held accountable for and especially when it's against the accepted bias. Landlords are bad!!
They only act and react when they face censure, ridicule, humiliation or look to be proven wrong and it might ruin their comfy wee existence that we pay for.
Behind the scenes suits them dam fine. No ones looking at them and their inefficient wee ways and tardy habits whilst they drop feed is an endless line about how hard they are working for our benefit. Really!!
Bunkum to you too!

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