How do we restore RTM company that was struck off?

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9:19 AM, 16th December 2016
About 4 years ago

How do we restore RTM company that was struck off?

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How do we restore RTM company that was struck off?

We are a block of 28 flats in north London. Some years ago, we formed a Right to Manage company and took over the management of our block. Our managing agent did not file returns on time, and our RTM company was struck off. Management of the block reverted to the freeholder who continued to cooperate with us and accepted our choice of new managing agent.reinstate

We have now complied with Companies House requirements and our RTM company has been restored. Our question is whether the freeholder can now simply give us back the right to manage . One of our leaseholders thinks this cannot be done with the consent of a tribunal.

To date, a tribunal has not been involved. We cannot find anything in the regulations which covers our situation. We want the right to manage and the freeholder is willing to give it to us. One way forward would be for the freeholder to give us the right to manage. If he thought this was not acceptable, the dissenting leaseholder could then take the matter to the tribunal.

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Gary Nock

17:52 PM, 16th December 2016
About 4 years ago

Once the RTM was struck off and it ceased to exist then so did the Right To Manage. So you will need to go through the process again.

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