Rent Guarantee Insurance for Property118 Members

by Jason McClean

9:26 AM, 31st March 2016
About 4 years ago

Rent Guarantee Insurance for Property118 Members

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Rent Guarantee Insurance for Property118 Members


There are many reasons why a tenants may stop paying rent. They may no longer be able to afford it. They may decide they are not going to pay it anymore because of a perceived bad service. They may even prefer to spend their money on alcohol and cigarettes than rent. In all these cases the landlord will lose out on rent and you can minimise that risk by taking out Rent Guarantee Insurance.

How much does Rent Guarantee Insurance cost?

Property 118 offers various products through its close partner Discount Insurance. The Rent Guarantee Insurance is underwritten by one of the leading providers in the UK.

The product offering runs below:

12 Month – 1 months excess – £99.00

6 Month – 1 months excess – £54.75

12 Months – No excess – £129.95

6 months – No excess – £69.95

Key Benefits

  • Rents arrears cover up to £3,000 per month or a maximum of £18,000 per claim
  • £25,000 of advisers costs
  • Allows for tenancy agreements longer than 12 months
  • 60 days between completion of Referencing and start of tenancy agreement
  • 45 max claim days
  • Rent arrears until vacant possession ( within Tenancy agreement dates)
  • Legal Expense extended until vacant possession (outside of tenancy agreement dates)
  • Options for Rental limits higher than £3,000

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