Providing landlords with an exit solution to the looming portfolio “crisis”

Providing landlords with an exit solution to the looming portfolio “crisis”

9:47 AM, 21st March 2022, About 2 years ago

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There’s no doubt that this year is shaping up to be a difficult one for landlords, with almost every news source reporting yet another issue for our buy-to-let portfolios, it’s hard to find the silver lining to continuing to own so many properties.

It’s left many of us questioning: are the looming bills, regulations and taxes really worth the monthly rental incomes?

Or is now the time to sell our portfolios and stick with just a few key properties?

The latter is tempting: release equity, pay off any remaining debts and cash in and retire with a lump sum in the bank. But with many of our properties due refurbs, or with long-term tenants or tenant issues, we need a company we can trust, who will help us get our portfolios sold fast, for the highest possible price no matter what condition. We need a company that can take the problem off our hands, allowing us to sit back, relax, cash in and retire.

Landlord Sales Agency have been offering that exact solution, and it’s working. We specialise in assisting landlords sell tenanted properties; HMO’s, blocks of flats and portfolios. From private portfolios, £1 million blocks of flats and HMOs to £10 million plus portfolios, we lead the way when it comes to enabling landlords to sell quickly and for the best price; we know first-hand what it takes to get the job done. Our strategy is simply based on an “any problem we can fix” mindset, coupled with an extensive network:

  1. We have a database of over 30,000 buyers/investors ready to buy entire portfolios in one go, and we send off-market alerts to those buyers to get properties sold quickest
  2. We also have vast and strong B2B relationships with other companies who specialise in purchasing portfolios and HMO’s/blocks of flats – this minimises the need for viewings. Many buy without searches or surveys
  3. We run a modern auction to create competition between our inve’/.,lmknjbhvgcstor database and new buyers and investors we source from Rightmove and Zoopla. We run a bidding war to get the best price in an average of just 28 daysZXc/
  4. All purchasers pay 1% deposits (and sometimes buyers fees) and are chain-free and sign agreements to complete in 56 days. This is compared to traditional auctions that charge 10% deposits and have 14-28 day completions. The result is the smaller deposit and slightly longer timescale for completion means our auction achieves the same 95% completion rate as traditional auctions but often at much higher prices as it opens up the auction to those purchasing with finance
  5. Our company’s culture is driven from the top-down to achieve the best price and fastest completion for sellers, along with the problem solving and drive to overcome every obstacle to get properties over the line. Every single issue is solved, even tenant issues, by working with incredible partners such as Landlord Action to overcome any barriers that stand in the way.

We throw everything at it to get properties sold and completed. And because we’ve done it ourselves, no one goes further to get it done for you, too. We believe in delivering exactly what we say we’ll do; it’s why so many landlords are turning to us to help them get out and cash in.

Shauna, a landlord who recently reached out to us, explains exactly why she made the decision to sell up her portfolio with Landlord Sales Agency in the video below:

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