Prosecuting Rogue Agents

by Mark Smith (Barrister-At-Law)

11:42 AM, 28th September 2014
About 6 years ago

Prosecuting Rogue Agents

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Prosecuting Rogue Agents

There is a solution, however, civil litigation or involving the Police is highly unlikely to to provide it. Prosecuting Rogue Agents

If a rogue agent has shut up shop after plundering funds owed to clients then you could be throwing good money after bad by instructing a solicitor, especially if the business was a Limited Company with no assets.

If you think the Police should help you might be right. However, you have less than a 0.0001% chance of them doing according to research recently carried out by the Evening Standard newspaper. *More about that later.

So what’s the answer?

Without throwing a lot of money at lawyers, becoming a thorn in the side of the Police or breaking the law yourself it is still possible to take action and to seek recompense though seizure and sale of assets belonging to the people responsible for the crime. This can be achieved through a private criminal prosecution using a criminal barrister. What’s more, if a Judge feels that prosecution is fairly brought (a process which occurs before a trial commences), the state will pay the barrister for his work regardless of whether the accused is found innocent or guilty at a trial by Jury.

We have  more information on our website which can be accessed by completing the form below and telling us more about your story. Initial consultations are free and we will endeavour to follow up all enquiries within 3 working days.

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*The Evening Standard recently reported that in 2013/14, in London alone, 81,631 frauds were reported to the Police. Of these, only 758 were deemed “solvable” by the City of London Police run National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and only 177 cases were passed to the Met to investigate. Just nine were prosecuted. Ninety five cases were still being investigated at the time of the report.

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