Property swap rather than sell

by Readers Question

10:30 AM, 4th April 2015
About 4 years ago

Property swap rather than sell

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Property swap rather than sell

I have an apartment which I want to sell but the fact is it does not have the desired value at this time to make a sale viable. Property swap rather than sell

What I would like to do is actually swap it for something elsewhere, iideally a house closer to where I live or something abroad.

The question is, can this be done?

I do not know of any agent or place that I could do such a transaction and I was wondering if any of you kind folks knew of any where that did?

I think this would be a great business opportunity in this day and age.

I understand there would be issues with mortgage companies and money and values etc etc but surely this could be dealt with by those more knowledgable than me.


John Sweet


Mark Alexander

10:32 AM, 4th April 2015
About 4 years ago

Hi John

What is the difference between a "swap" and selling your property to buy another?

The value of your property is the amount somebody will pay, I see no difference between a swap or a sale and purchase.

Yes the mortgages would be an massive issue because you cannot swap your mortgage for somebody else's.

Sorry but I think this is a non-runner.

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