Private Landlords are The Best!

Private Landlords are The Best!

9:06 AM, 19th August 2019, About 3 years ago 2

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This is an extract from a response that I have written to a derogatory article on the Citizens Advice Policy Blog. My full response article is much longer and I may post it here shortly, but in the meantime: Let’s have a look at the facts: English Housing Survey 2017 2018 Table FA5431 (also in FA5423)

Satisfaction with the way landlord / freeholder deals with repairs: Dissatisfaction levels amongst Social Renters are much higher than for Private Renters

  • 26.0% of Social Renters are Dissatisfied with the way their Landlord deals with repairs
  • 16.8% of Private Renters are Dissatisfied with the way their Landlord deals with repairs

Looking at the issue the other way around: Only 65.8% of Social Renters are Satisfied with 73.4% of Private Renters expressing Satisfaction

Of those who were neither Satisfied, nor Dissatisfied, Private Landlords scored 9.8% making it perfectly justifiable to say that 82.2% of Private Renters were Not Dissatisfied with the way their Landlord deals with repairs whilst only 74% of Social Renters say the same.

If we then look at Table FT5421 (Survey of English Housing 1994 to 2007/8 and the English Housing Survey 2008 to date): We see that over the last 25 Years at least, Private Landlords are rated with the Lowest levels of Dissatisfaction – Every Time – and almost every time with the Highest Satisfaction Levels

If we look at Table FA5401 Satisfaction with Accommodation: (English Housing Survey 2017 2018 full household sample) We see the same pattern with Private Rented Accommodation getting the higher approvals in Every One of the ten years covered in the table.

So I think that deserves a quiet ‘chink’ of a glass and a well done everyone but let’s do even better for the next round of surveys – and more importantly let’s get the message out there!





13:46 PM, 19th August 2019, About 3 years ago

The English National Housing Survey has been confirming the good work and progress of the PRS for several years. We should certainly get the facts out there more effectively. It is great that we are posting to this site, but we need to remember that comment should also be sent to political sites such as Conservativehome, where there is an improved prospect it will be read by those with lobbying interests.

7:48 AM, 20th August 2019, About 3 years ago

Shame then that the government treats us like the enemy. For sure they will miss us when they have driven us out.

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