Potential asbestos risk?

Potential asbestos risk?

11:30 AM, 23rd November 2022, About 2 weeks ago 3

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Hello, I’m selling a flat and the buyers’ survey has come back saying there is a potential risk of asbestos in the airing cupboard where the immersion tank is.

The flats were gutted and redeveloped in the eighties.

The management company have conducted an asbestos survey on the outside fabric of the building and common areas and that showed that some roof facials contained asbestos but all other areas were free.

The building’s manager says this has never been an issue.

The buyers want a report and removal if present which is counterproductive as HSE advice is to leave it unless deteriorating.

Advice please.



Neil P

10:19 AM, 24th November 2022, About 2 weeks ago

Buyers and owners alike tend to run for the hills at the mere mention of asbestos. The key here is your use of the words "potential risk". It would cost relatively little to get a check and see if it really is asbestos. If it's not then great, if it is then you have to decide to rectify or not. Chances are it would be relatively low grade given the recent renovations so shouldn't cost a fortune to remove. Most people would leave as it is - as you rightly say - and encapsulate it (cover it up)...but given the aforementioned sensitivity it makes sense to get rid of it if if doesn't cost too much. All IMO of course.

John Docherty

10:29 AM, 24th November 2022, About 2 weeks ago

Have dealt with this exact situation before. The type of fire-board that was used back in the day isn't the type of asbestos you need to run a mile from. The board can be removed by a competent person with gloves and a proper mask, double-bagged in rubble sacks, taped up and dropped off at a local council recycling centre with a facility specifically designed for it - there's one near us here in East Kilbride. Don't just sheet over it and slap on a coat of paint, there's no reason to hide it when it's not a major hassle to just get it removed.

Angelo Santagata

13:58 PM, 24th November 2022, About 2 weeks ago

I had some asbestos removed from our boiler cupboard last year, it was 0.6Msq and cost £1600. I also had some asbestos tiles removed from a room and that was £300.

Whats the difference? It depends on the type of asbestos.

- Concrete asbestos, is low grade, not dangerous unless disturbed. Can be removed by DIY (Mask/Gloves/Double Bagged) and most councils will collect "twice" in a year. I had a contractor remove it for £300. Concrete asbestos is like the stuff you have on sheds
- Asbestos Insulation Boards, different kettle of fish, has to be removed by qualified people, you must erect airlocks, HSA must be notified etc etc etc..
My removal of 0.6Msq was £!600 however i was told if i had much more then it would have been rougly the same (its the setup which costs).

Would this scare me off? No, If you get a proper company to do the work they will test the air b4 and after to make sure its safe.

My advice
- Get it tested (make sure its a problem, circa £20-30) and then get some cash off the sale ...
- Get a reputable company to quote for the removal dont do it DIY not worth it
- checkout the HSA website
- and for giggles here's my asbestos on Instagram

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