No second reading date yet for Renters’ Reform Bill 2019-20

by Property 118

11:10 AM, 27th December 2019
About 9 months ago

No second reading date yet for Renters’ Reform Bill 2019-20

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No second reading date yet for Renters’ Reform Bill 2019-20

Considering how long it took for the Tenant Fees Act to come into force, it is probably best not to hold your breath for the Renters’ Reform Bill 2019-20 announced before Christmas in the Queen’s Speech. It has been confirmed that no date is yet available for the second reading.

The Bill will includes policies announced for the ban on Section 21, tenancy deposit reform and a ‘new deal for renting.’

The House of Commons Library will produce a briefing or material for the second reading debate and this page will be updated when it is made available.  Click Here

The second reading paper may be updated as the Bill goes through Parliament; alternatively additional papers will be added to this page to reflect the Bill’s progress.  

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David Lawrenson

18:06 PM, 30th December 2019
About 9 months ago

Yes, it could be quite a while, but it will happen.

I don't think the reform of tenancy deposits will happen in a hurry as this will involve a wholesale shaking up of the way tenancy deposits work right now.

New system will surely involve some kind of insurance third party into the process, which will increase costs. EG . When a tenants moves from one property to another, it is often on the same day. A landlord of property A would simply not be able to sign off that all is OK that quickly for landlord B. And if he wanted to make a retention from the deposit, how would that work.

Any new system will have to involve more complexity - and the extra cost, will as usual, be passed onto the tenant. Shame that the likes of Polly Neate and Shelter often cannot understand this reality of business life.

David Lawrenson
Independent Private Rented Sector Advice and Consulting

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