NLA/RLA Merger – Stand and fight with us

by Larry Sweeney

14:04 PM, 30th August 2019
About 10 months ago

NLA/RLA Merger – Stand and fight with us

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NLA/RLA Merger – Stand and fight with us

Last November the Alliance was formally launched. Around this time the NLA and RLA entered in to discussions to merge. On behalf of the Alliance, our steering committee and all our members nationwide I would like to offer our best wishes to the new NRLA .

The new merged association will still only represent less than 5% of all landlords and we represent an even smaller number. That is the reality. Those landlords who have paid dues to organisations be it ourselves or the NLA/RLA and others, deserve better. We along with our members are doing our best to fight back against the subversion of accountancy rules (s24) as well as dodgy non compliant selective licensing schemes.

Why on earth are 94% of the landlord community allowing this assault on the PRS. Despite being a new organisation the Alliance has driven the agenda for the past 12 months. We on this forum proposed a summit of all landlord bodies which culminated in the RLA (FPC) in London which meets again today.

The Alliance came about because Landlords will no longer accept being the whipping boy for the housing shortage. We save deposits, get mortgages, pay SDLT, lose tax relief, pay empty Council Tax, pay for a licence to rent our asset, and maintain the property. Yet the likes of Shelter who house absolutely nobody as well as ignorant politicians blame landlords for the plight of some tenants.

Worse Shelter want to remove our right to get rid of ASB tenants and rent defaulters and furthermore dictate to us who we should accept as tenants. Yet this very organisation time and again refuses to bond benefit tenants.

The Alliance says no. Enough is enough. Landlords, please join us (CLICK HERE) and help us to help you.

Our message to the new NRLA is as follows. We do not want to take more of your members, on the contrary we encourage all landlords to join one of our organisations now, but we must remember that landlords want an organisation with teeth. Landlords want an organisation which will fight tooth and nail against licensing schemes, which are nothing more than revenue raising scams and landlords do not want engagement with organisations such as Shelter which does nothing but undermine the PRS. Hopefully we will not see any more Shelter poetry.

In summary ,Good luck to the NRLA we hope you will stand with us and fight for the rights of all property owners and I firmly believe that a new approach by this body will gain them members. In the mean time the Alliance will continue the fightback.

In less than 12 months without selling any products, with only the revenue from membership, we have:

  • Stopped over 25 council prosecutions against landlords nationwide
  • We have exposed Shelter for the kind of set up it is
  • We oppose selective licensing and have uncovered several schemes which are non compliant
  • We have sent a delegation to a local authority who accepted our findings meaning we have protected landlords dealing with this authority
  • We have put proposals to the MoJ re possession procedures
  • We have taken part in the FPC and we oppose absolutely the abolition of S21

Our work continues apace.

The Alliance invites all landlord organisations to join us and call for Shelter to be disbanded. Imagine what a £60m cash injection could do to alleviate homelessness.

There were those who called us foolhardy to take on Shelter. The support we have on this front grows daily. Landlords write to Swinton insurance, pull your business. They sponsor Shelter. To the new Nrla we also say. Bin Shelter.

Together let’s protect property owners rights. If the new NRLA gets into the trenches with us and makes it clear that it will push back against the hate agenda, no ifs,no buts, not only will it retain members but it will grow. We want to see this as 94% of landlords are unrepresented.

It’s not a fight between us for members, what it should be is a collaboration to grow representation. Landlord apathy is the problem and it is most unfair to members of all our organisations that approx 6% of landlords pay dues to support bodies which fight for the PRS. Landlords need to get on board.

Landlords join the Alliance


Fiona Stacey

17:14 PM, 7th September 2019
About 10 months ago

I just completed the NLA quarterly questionnaire, which I do regularly in the hope of some action being taken. There were lots of questions on obtaining mortgages and energy efficiency but not enough on the existential battle landlords are facing.
I don't believe that it's a question of choosing between NRLA and Larry's organisation. They seem to me to have completely different agendas and there is definitely a gap in the market for a more assertive (not aggressive) pro-Landlord voice to be heard.
I think the right balance in tone is probably now being struck by the Alliance so probably only a matter of time before more members join. There is a need for something more than what the NRLA are doing. Anyone who is not happy with the direction of the Alliance could always offer some constructive suggestions as to what they want it to do. A low number of members does not necessarily mean that it can't get some coverage in the media.

Larry Sweeney

10:30 AM, 12th September 2019
About 10 months ago

Thanks to Mark, Mick, Fiona and the others who have supported us.
I appreciate the words of support, but I alone am not deserving of all the praise.
I want all of the landlord community to recognise that its our members who deserve the praise. Those that could be bothered, those that went the extra mile and joined a brand new organisation and got it off the ground.
On behalf of 94% of landlords nationwide who cant be bothered, I want to thank all members of the Alliance for making it possible.

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