New BTL Classic Range from Keystone up to 80% LTV

by Neil Patterson

9:25 AM, 2nd July 2015
About 6 years ago

New BTL Classic Range from Keystone up to 80% LTV

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New BTL Classic Range from Keystone up to 80% LTV

The New Buy to Let range from Keystone is funded exclusively by the peer to peer lending platform Landbay.keystone

The Classic Range is geared towards individuals and limited company applicants looking to purchase or remortgage a wide variety of residential investment property.

Range features:
Complimentary £100 Welcome Bonus for every new mortgage holder (conditions apply).
✔ Purchases & remortgages         ✔ HMO’s up to 6 beds

✔ Remortgages within 6 months   ✔ New build houses

✔ Related transactions                  ✔ New build flats

✔ Capital raising                            ✔ Multi-lets

✔ Up to 80% LTV                          ✔ Multi-unit freeholds up to 4 flats

✔ Loans to £750,000                    ✔ Flats above commercial property

✔ Gifted & builder’s deposit         ✔ Ex-Local Authority flats

✔ Portfolio lending to £5m           ✔ Studio flats

✔ Existing landlords & SPVs       ✔ Live-work units

✔ Up to 4 applicants                    ✔ Corporate lets

✔ Self-employed & retired           ✔ FRI leases to Local Authorities

✔ Landlords up to 85 years old   ✔ FRI leases to Housing Associations

✔ No minimum income                ✔ Flying freeholds up to 15%

Rates from:
• Loan term trackers from 4.75%
• 3 year fixes from 4.79%
• 5 year fixes from 4.99%

• 80% LTV for loans to £500k
• 75% LTV for loans to £750k

For more information please see our whole of market mortgage sourcing system CLICK HERE

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