My review of a free landlords ebook

by Mark Alexander

11:13 AM, 5th January 2012
About 9 years ago

My review of a free landlords ebook

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My review of a free landlords ebook

Yesterday afternoon I spotted a Tweet recommending a free landlords ebook. There are quite a few around but this is the first I’ve decided to review independently.

Having been a landlord since 1989 I didn’t expect to learn much when I downloaded it but I did so to see if it would be a useful tool to pass on to newbies. When people find out I’ve been in the business for so long I do tend to get a barrage of questions and find myself offering free consultancy all the time. Sometimes I get a bit fed up of saying the same things over and over but I’m always flattered when people ask for my opinion.

I been looking for a concise and easy to read reference manual which covers all the basics for some time to pass onto newbies and small landlords. I even started writing my own ebook for landlords but just haven’t got around to finishing it yet.

As the ebook was written by a Letting Agent I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t just a thinly disguised advert. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. It took me less than an hour to read and I found myself nodding in agreement as I plodded my way through all 50 of the key points they made about property lettings and entering the business of being a landlord.

As I was so impressed with it myself I decided to Tweet the link. The feedback I got from other Twitter users was very positive too.

My Tweet simply said ….

— Mark Alexander (@iAmALandlord) January 4, 2012


Anyhow, if you want to get hold of a copy for yourself you can download it via this link.

Let me know what you think by adding your own review in the comments section below.


10:30 AM, 10th January 2012
About 9 years ago

36 downloads to date. 🙂

23:39 PM, 11th January 2012
About 9 years ago

57 downloads of our ebook in 7 days, following this review. 🙂

17:41 PM, 13th January 2012
About 9 years ago

Up to 66 downloads now. Many thanks to those who have downloaded and taken the time to give us such positive feedback via Twitter and email.

9:21 AM, 15th January 2012
About 9 years ago

118 downloads since our 118 review!

17:05 PM, 16th January 2012
About 9 years ago

A very useful little guide to letting. Thanks

Sam Addison

19:31 PM, 16th January 2012
About 9 years ago

It is as you say Mark, a good reference manual which covers the basics (and a bit more) Even though I didn't find anything I didn't already know I consider it essential reading for all landlords.

5:13 AM, 17th January 2012
About 9 years ago

A great little book that as a newbie landlord I will  use and refer to. Peter.

9:57 AM, 17th January 2012
About 9 years ago

Thanks for your comments. 148 downloads to date. 🙂

Martin McDonagh

10:30 AM, 17th January 2012
About 9 years ago

A solid book covering the basics and a bit more.

I tried to think of what was missing, and all I came up with was
1.  In section 10, add "install a carbon monoxide alarm" in addition to the smoke alarms, and
2. in section 24, to extend the last sentence to be "Always ask for a guarantor for any tenants who are on Local Housing Allowance (LHA), or where the annual income is less than two and a half times the annual rent"

Sharon Crossland

10:34 AM, 17th January 2012
About 9 years ago

I specialise in leasehold management but I am dealing more and more with rental issues. This little book is a great quick reference point and essential reading for new landlords coming into the PRS, whether intentional or accidental.

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