Moving away from ASTs north of the border?

Moving away from ASTs north of the border?

13:40 PM, 6th June 2016, About 6 years ago 12

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We north of the border are moving away from Assured and SAT s to no term agreements. Tenant can up and leave with 28 days notice. No 6 month leases, no 1 year leases to give the landlord piece of mind, nothing. . We have to be at the whim of the tenant to up and leave. past future

You could spend £000s on a property and a tenant could be in your property for 1 month – a neat short let at below short let rates because the representation was ‘ we are looking for a long stay’ and hey presto 28 days notice on the day they move in ! 90% of landlords here have not picked up on the underhanded amendment at the second stage of the bill – now passed. The rationale being – check this, in case someone is living in a abusive domestic relationship !

The whole Private Rented Sector up here has been arranged around that scenario ! I am still getting my mind around the rest of the bill although selling up is now on the radar.

Anyway the question is – can I have in an agreement (using current SAT s as an example) a discount element for long (er) term occupancy ? i.e. The rent is say £600 PCM with last months rent free as an incentive to take up the occupancy ?

Would that fly ?



by Donald Tramp

20:13 PM, 11th June 2016, About 6 years ago

I responded to the consultations that went out before this bill was passed in the Scottish parliament. The SNP ignored all protestations and bulldozed through this bill which is massively bad news for scottish landlords. I really don't think landlords in Scotland grasp how bad this is going to be for them.
When this bill goes live there is no right to end the tenancy on the end date. Tenants can simply stay in the property and leave when they want, There are very few grounds to get them out.
They are my houses!!!!!
Its already changed investment decisions. The Edinburgh student market is no longer attractive. The model was always to set 11 month terms and lease the flats out during the Edinburgh festival. This is no longer guaranteed because you will be at the whim of when your tenants decide to leave.
SNP are such bad news for landlords and the rented sector.

by AA

23:02 PM, 11th June 2016, About 6 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Donald Tramp" at "11/06/2016 - 20:13":

Hi Donald - my previous comment re how to set rents is workable however I do agree the 11 month model you allude to is up in the air. I never personally did the festival let s.. As the private sector provided 000s of flats for about 500k visitors to the city, I wonder where they will go ? Oh yes, the hotels where a room charge will be introduced.

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