Property118 Landlord Newsletter – Issue 101

by News Team

13:22 PM, 7th March 2012
About 9 years ago

Property118 Landlord Newsletter – Issue 101

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Property118 Landlord Newsletter – Issue 101

Today’s newsletter highlights alternative options and strategies for landlords both in the news and by our guest columnists. The first instalment in a series of eight from John Paul, also known as @TheLHAexpert, introduces his top tips to renting property to LHA tenants, Mary Latham looks in to whether tax avoidance is a reason why many landlords won’t consider providing homes to the homeless and a new survey reports investors are looking at alternative property options to a standard buy to let.

The latest articles from guest columnists
  The first in a series of eight instalments by John Paul, a portfolio landlord in the North East and founder of the Castledene Group of letting agents, outling his top tips for landlords:
Introducing The LHA Expert for Landlords – @TheLHAexpert
The latest articles added by Mary Latham, who has 40 years experience and consults for the NLA and Midlands Landlords Accreditation:
Holding your umbrella upside down will not keep off the reign of the taxman
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The latest property industry news as sourced by the Property118 News Team
Flood dispute could make commercial landlords suffer
Chancellor urged to boost tax relief for landlords
Rents are cooling – but tenants still expect to pay more
Fair wear and tear – downside of longer tenancies?
Property investors target better yields
Police on high after closing 5,000 cannabis factories

The latest Landlord’s Logs added by Mark Alexander, founder of Property118

The story about the tiny frogs…
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12:09 PM, 8th March 2012
About 9 years ago

I have fallen out with the Agent that was managing my buy-to-let property. I have asked them to hand over the Search report, for which I have paid them, of the current tenants. They have refused claiming that it is convedential. As landlord now managing the property, am I legally entitled tomget obtain this report from the former agent or not.

Charles Andi

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