More Landlord Stories from Ian Cahill and John Maynard

More Landlord Stories from Ian Cahill and John Maynard

11:09 AM, 4th May 2012, About 12 years ago

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Thanks to Ian Cahill and John Maynard for submitting these Landlord Stories. For details on how to submit your landlord story please click here.

Ian Cahill’s Story – CD’s, Tigers and yet more Tigers

I had a buy to let house which I let to two tenants(co- habiting) and the man collected CD’S and the woman collected stuffed tiger toys. They were absolutely fantastic tenants for over 15 years, and then suddenly gave notice. I went to see them and they said that they had to move into a larger house, as he had 15,000 CD’s and she had 5000 stuffed tigers. You literaly could hardly move anywhere for those tigers. Has anyone had an experience like that?”

John Maynard’s Shaggy dog story…

“Well, I had a tenant in a one bed garden flat in Gloucester a few years ago. She was a lovely lady, in her early 60’s, bit of an ex hippy and being from the Scottish highlands had one of those wonderful soft accents that you’d never get tired of listening to…

Anyway, she phoned one day and in that soft Scottish Highlands tone of hers asked if it would be Ok if she got a pet..I instantly imagined, hamster in a cage, fluffy kitten maybe a budgie? I thought for a moment and reasoned, “you know what, why not, she’s a lovely lady-what harm can there be?” I thought. So she thanked me and said that she’d fallen in love with a cute puppy at the local rescue centre and it would be an ideal companion on  the cold winter evenings. At that point I imagined a  cute Cocker Spaniel, cheeky Jack Russell, faithful Collie?

So imagine my surprise a while later when I visited to be greeted by an exuberant 16stone St Bernard the size of a small pony! He was rather exited to see me! (dog owners with young male dogs will know exactly what I mean here! ahem!) and greeted me at the front door in the traditional way that all ST.Bernards meet new friends – which is on their hind legs, front paws on your shoulders and a large wet lick across the face. So as I struggled to maintain my balance while being propelled back out through the door whence I had just came, I remember hearing two voices. The first voice was my own subconscious voice questioning the quality of my decision making, the second  voice was a soft Scottish accent in the next room saying “I think he likes you”…!!

John Maynard – Berkshire.

Ps Cute as he was, she agreed he was just too much for her and  he went back to the rescue centre…

 John Maynard, Based in Reading Berkshire, Landlord by default since 1995, however serious property investor since 2001. Veteran of over 35 ‘hands on renovations’ and over 25 properties bought renovated and sold. Current £3m portfolio of 12 residential properties, 1 commercial unit, currently developing and doing new-builds. Managing Director of JRM Properties Ltd which is a renovation and maintenance contractor in Berkshire. Actively looking for projects, BMV,  and JV partners  07808 584024. View my website here


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