Mona Lott is a bad tenant

Mona Lott is a bad tenant

14:16 PM, 10th October 2019, About 4 years ago 1

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Yesterday I read that Bellway Homes cancelled a reservation for a Detached House because the “would be buyer” moaned a lot! Of course, if Bellway had not signed a contract then they are quite entitled to withdraw. I agree with Bellway.

I have only, twice, refused to take tenants who moaned. Both about their current landlord.

The first telephoned me after the viewing and I said I am not going to rent the property to you! Is it me she asked? Yes, I replied. Why? she asked. My response was I could not put up with you as a tenant. You started to moan about your present landlord as soon as you got through the door.

The second tenant was virtually the same. When she telephoned back, I told her, I could never put up with you as a tenant. You would drive me crazy. Take a tip and stop moaning!

Two in thirty years….not bad!

The young couple on Panorama complained about a rent increase and produced a “shopping list” of defects. If a tenant objects to an increase one year they will do so a second year. I deal with it straight away and served a Section 21. The house was re-let at the higher rent and has now rolled into a Periodic Tenancy without the tenant mentioning anything on the previous tenant’s shopping list nor anything not on the shopping list.

I have a number of tenants, who have been with me for 10-15 years, who never complain about anything. I assume they must be happy!

In case Mona Lott applies to you for a tenancy I think I ought to point out she was a fictional character from the radio programme ITMA during WWII.

Apart from the above two prospective tenants and existing tenants I must say I have found my tenants to be a rather sensible bunch.

As far as Bellway is concerned, I would endorse the Director’s decision.

Fergus Wilson

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15:26 PM, 12th October 2019, About 4 years ago

There were 2 recent Bellway cases. One involved a mineshaft at the back of the property they'd failed to be notified about. We had one of these, knew about it and needed extra insurance. They were over charged for flooring and there were other snagging issues.

The finish on the house in the 2nd case was appalling. Coping tiles on the porch didn't go to the end of the tiles so when they complained the builder stuffed a bit of corrugated sheeting in to allow the water to drain off the roof. It would have blown away in the first wind. Rawl plugs couldn't be put into cupboard wall in places so they actually had shelves on a 20 degree slant. I think in a brand new property this is totally unacceptable. And for someone then to be told they are not getting the house they've totally planned their time around is simply not on. The big builders now are incredibly sloppy.

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