Model assured shorthold tenancy agreement

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3 years ago

Model assured shorthold tenancy agreement

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Model assured shorthold tenancy agreement

I’m just about to let a property to Tenants. The Government Model Agreement contains a landlord’s break clause. However, there is a potential problem to it. The break clause must be exercised by not less than two months notice expiring exactly on six months – not before and not after.model agreement

However, to get possession by court order if there is non-vacation you have to serve as part of that notice or as well as it a S21 Notice.

The new S21 notice under tenancy agreements granted on or after 1st October 2015 has to expire after the six months, and can’t serve it until after 4 complete months of the tenancy. So if you incorporate it in the break clause notice it will be invalid if it expires on six months. If it is served separately it will have to expire after the six month period.




Joe Bloggs

3 years ago

good point. obviously dont trust anything published by the government!

can you include a link to this AST?

Michael Barnes

3 years ago

The model tenancy agreement was published before the change in S21 rules.

There is (was when I looked about a year ago) a link somewhere on the model tenancy agreement web page to provide feedback; I suggest that you use it.

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