Mitigating IHT on property growth

Mitigating IHT on property growth

9:44 AM, 2nd October 2020, About 4 years ago

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Just suppose you’re buying a rental property right now for say £200,000.

Is it reasonable to assume that it will probably double in value in your lifetime?

If so, and assuming your net assets are worth more than your IHT allowances provide for, that’s another £200,000 headache for your loved ones to deal with when you pass away in the form of an £80,000 tax bill they will need to pay BEFORE they can sell your assets.

The property could increase in value by far more than £200,000 before you die of course, so the problem could be much larger. That’s just for one property. What if you buy several?

A Smart Property Company structure can help solve this problem and make you more tax efficient in so many other ways too.

If you are in the market to buy more properties, we strongly recommend you at least consider the full advantages of implementing a Smart Property Company structure first.

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